14 October 2013

Weyerbacher Releasing Brewers Select Aries aka Old Heathen Imperial Pumpkin Blend

We brought you a peek at this new beer back in June, and now we get some details on the new Weyerbacher Brewer’s Select Series beer, Aries….Coming in Oct:

Aries is the 3rd installment in the latest round of Brewers’ Select Series beers!  Aries breaks the mold of preceding Brewers’ Select beers in that it is NOT a new beer—rather, it is a blend of two existing beers which have been being mixed by Weyerbacher employees for a few years now.  In perfect timing for October / Halloween, Aries is a delicious blend of Old Heathen Imperial Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale!

Known around the brewery as a “Black & Orange”, this mix is generally credited to Weyerbacher’s NJ Sales Rep Natalie DeChico (the former Philly Beer Geek and creator of Althea).  By mixing these two brews, the otherwise pretty dominant cinnamon and nutmeg spices of Imperial Pumpkin Ale are subdued by Old Heathen while highlighting the malt backbone of both beers. The result is a really balanced yet spicy dark beer which will work very well as a dessert beer and still pair nicely with your favorite fall foods.

Since both Old Heathen and Imperial Pumpkin Ale are each 8% ABV, Aries is also a very manageable 8% [really complicated math here].

When Aries was originally conceived, the plan was to mix Heresy—our Bourbon barrel-aged Old Heathen—with Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  On the day the decision had to be made, however, it was found that the brand new batch of Old Heathen actually tasted better in the mix so we switched things up a bit. The result speaks for itself!

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