20 March 2013

Weyerbacher - Sunday Morning Stout Coming to Bottles

Some exciting news coming from Weyerbacher today as they show off a new beer heading to 12oz bottles.  The beer will be named Sunday Morning Stout and it is a stout aged in bourbon barrels with coffee added.  Stay tuned for ABV and release details.


Bill Bragg, Weyerbacher PR said...

This is actually not a 12oz beer, it was draft only but a 12 oz label must be created to get proper label approval for making the keg(s). This ≈12% ABV beer was made to go to the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston where it was really well received. We have just a few 1/6 bbls left of it which will find themselves being sent to special events in the future (none decided yet). Hope this helps clear up the confusion!

mybeerbuzz said...

Thanks for the clarification Bill

Anonymous said...

it's sad that no one ever bottles the stuff thats well received :-(