14 March 2013

Weyerbacher Renames Blanche - White Sun Wit

Some exciting news coming from Weyerbacher today as they choose a new name for their Blanche beer---White Sun Wit.

And here you thought Weyerbacher only made BIG beers! White Sun Wit is a 4.6% ABV absolutely awesome unfiltered Belgian Style white beer. With the branding changes and label art makeover nearly complete, we decided to rename our oft-mispronounced spring seasonal. We’ve been making this exact same beer for years under the name “Blanche”. One can only be reminded of the Golden Girls so many times!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new name and label. We really feel the label here captures the essence one of the places where you just want to ditch the IPA and go for the unfiltered wheat.

This beer will be coming out in April and should be available through July. Read more about White Sun Wit! Cheers!

White Sun Wit (4.6% ABV) is a crisp and hazy Belgian-Style Wit. White Sun Wit is Weyerbacher’s thirst-quenching spring and early summer ale. The nose has a light spiciness from the coriander, orange peel, grains of paradise, and star anise. The palate reveals a mild, refreshing and effervescent wheat beer that finishes with just a hint of tartness. Available from April through July. Enjoy!

Note: White Sun Wit was formerly known as Blanche. The recipe is absolutely identical, this was simply a name change. You can read about Blanche and all of its comments in the Retired Beers Directory.

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