18 April 2012

Weyerbacher - Blithering Idiot, Verboten & Old Heathen New Labels


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Here’s your very first look at the new packaging from Weyerbacher for Blithering Idiot, (11.1% ABV) Verboten (5.9% ABV) & Old Heathen (8% ABV).  These new 12oz bottle packages not only carry the new “Weyerbacher” logo, but also a decidedly sinister tone that I really like…especially on Blithering Idiot.  The jester is decidedly-dark and much less silly when he reveals what’s under the jester’s mask.  In case you forgot, the new labels for Imperial Pumpkin Ale & Merry Monks.  Congratulations to Chris Wilson, Dan, Chris Bobby and everyone else @ Weyerbacher,

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