24 February 2012

Weyerbacher–$1 Million Expansion, Triple Capacity & a Brewpub & June Replacement for Hops Infusion (Project IPA #5)

imageI’m excited to report some pretty drastic changes will be taking place at Weyerbacher.  It looks like the brewery will undergo a $1 Million expansion to triple the capacity of their current setup.

The official announcement will come Monday afternoon and word is while there will not initially be a Brewpub, future plans DO include the possibility of a new Weyerbacher brewpub, something we haven’t seen in many years.  This is of course dependent on having the space to build a brewpub in the expansion.

Word out of the brewery is also that Project IPA #5 will officially replace Hops Infusion in June 2012…stay tuned for a new name.

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