26 October 2011

Weyerbacher - Brewers Select Tango


Looks like our pal Chris Wilson is ready to release the next beer in the Weyerbacher Brewer’s Select series.  Up today we have Tango—Belgian-style dark ale brewed with Cherries (12oz bottles).  Now I’ll admit I love Cherry-based Belgian beers so this one sounds like it’s right up my alley.  Save me some Chris!

Update 11/15 from Bill Bragg:

We have made this release of our Brewer’s Select Series in time to help you enjoy your holidays. It is a festive combination of malts, Belgian yeast, and cherries. This dark chestnut brew has a nice caramel malt character, a tart cherry fruitiness that carries throughout, and a nice warming finish.

As with all of our Brewers’ Select beers, Tango is available in draft at awesome Weyerbacher-supporting bars and restaurants and is made available in 12oz bottles at Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center only. This is a once and done limited release. Tango is the letter “T” in the NATO / phonetic alphabet.

Belgian-Style Dark Ale brewed with cherries

9.6% ABV, 21IBU

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