21 September 2011

Weyerbacher Rapture Release Tomorrow!

imageFrom Weyerbacher

A few colorful words on our website just can’t make an impact at how excited we are about this beer.  It truly is a remarkable


For those of you that have not heard about it yet, Rapture is a Sour Beer in the vein of a Flanders Red but somewhat bolder in flavor.  This beer is a one time only beer, available only at the brewery and we have only produced just shy of 300 cases.  This beer will NOT be distributed anywhere but at Weyerbacher Brewing Company.  Read more about Rapture here.

Be sure to come out between the hours of 5pm and 8pm to sample Rapture, meet Head Brewer Chris Wilson and several members the brewing staff here at Weyerbacher and buy some beer!  Much like our normal Saturday operations, we’ll be offering mixed case sales of Rapture and Unfiltered and Double Simcoe India Pale Ale (both of which are available EXCLUSIVELY in 750ml bottles) as well as all available styles of 12oz beers.

Please note:  Yes, we’d LOVE to sell you a bottle or two…  Trust us.  However, we do not have a liquor license which allows us to sell individual bottles, six packs or mixed size variety packs.  24x 12 oz bottles makes a case and 12x 750ml bottles makes a case. Also, when attending the event, you will be far happier if you complete your purchase selections as soon as possible.  The tendency for people to wait until we close can create a heck of a line.  We’ll do our level best to entertain those in line, but remember to strike while the iron (or in this metaphor, the cash register) is hot (well, the register would be ‘free’…  I digress.)

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