29 August 2011

Weyerbacher Hop Harvest 2011

imageFrom Bill Bragg @ Weyerbacher Brewing :

Hey Hop Heads!  Take a look at this ‘lil YouTube slideshow we just put together!  It’s highlights from the 2011 Hop Harvest at the Weyerbacher Hop Farm.

In this video you will get an idea of what goes into harvesting our field and getting all the hop cones bagged-up to use for our wet hop beer:  Harvest Ale.  Visit our YouTube channel to see the video from last year as well!

Harvest Ale will be shipping to wholesalers this coming week and will be available to you in early September.  Cheers!

25 August 2011

Weyerbacher–Brewers Select Sierra


We’re working our way through the phonetic alphabet in the Brewers Select Series with our friend Chris Wilson @ Weyerbacher Brewing.  Today we have Brewers Select Sierra…and other than it being bottled in 12oz bottles, there are few details out just yet…so stay tuned.

15 August 2011

Weyerbacher Riserva 2011

From the Weyerbacher Blog:

2011 will bring the fourth release of our super-funky and sour raspberry wild ale called Riserva.  What?  You’ve never had it?  Well let me tell you:  It’s a beer unlike most you’ve probably ever had…  and it even stands well apart from some of the other sour beers out there.  The tart berry flavors mix with the funk of wild yeast fermentation to present you with a pleasing and unique taste experience. 

If you have had it, you’re likely thinking: “So just where the heck is all that Riserva I’ve been salivating about each time I gaze at the mountain of oak barrels during a tour of the brewery?  Hasn’t it been long enough?  Isn’t it summer? But they said it would be here in the SUMMER!!!!  Waaaah!”

Well it actually IS ready but our brand spankin’ new bottling line custom made in Germany just for 750 ml bottles isn’t ready… YET.

What does this mean?  This means this year’s batch will have been in-contact with the oak barrels far longer than any batch before for an even deeper flavor.  In the typical Weyerbacher fashion: If some is good, MORE is better! 

Once the new line arrives and is operational, our beloved Riserva will finally find it’s way out of the barrels and into the bottles where it will sit for a while (“AGAIN!?!?!?”) to bottle condition.

Some of you have asked in the past, “Don’t ya’ll make a ‘Holiday’ beer?” Well, maybe this year Riserva can be a stand-in for ya!  I can tell you that most people would LOVE this as a gift!  It’s awesome with turkey….   as a liquid substitute for canned cranberries!

We’ll bring you photos and videos of the racking process (moving the beer out of the barrel) and the bottling.  We’ll definitely get some cool pictures and videos of the new line, too.  We will announce the date we will release this beer via a special newsletter mailing in the future.  Be sure to get on our mailing list if you aren’t already on it!  Stay tuned!


14 August 2011

Weyerbacher “Oscar” one-off batch has problem

imageFrom Dan:

“Oscar” one-off batch has problem

If you purchased any bottles of Oscar and you still have not consumed them they need to be very carefully destroyed.  Fermentation has occurred in the bottle, which at this point is past its expiration date printed on the bottle, and excess pressure may have developed inside these bottles of old beer.  There is a possibility for these bottles to explode on their own, or if handled roughly.  Please handle gently, cover and wrap with a towel before picking up and dispose of safely.  We realistically don’t expect there to be any of these around anymore as they are past code date, but if you have any and have any problems please contact us at the brewery.