09 June 2011

Weyerbacher Que?beck & XVI Release

WeyerbacherFrom Dan: 

We had a faux pas last week and didn't have Sixteen available, but it will definitely be out this Saturday during Visitor Center hours at the brewery. I'll let Chris Wilson describe the latest in our Brewer's Select Series of One-offs:
¿Queˊ Beck? is the next release of the Brewer’s Select Series. As you know, the naming system for the BSS is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. You may not know that the TTB will not allow a brewery to name a beer the name of an existing place if the beer is not made there. So Quebec (pronounced “ka-bec” by the locals there) is out and ¿Queˊ Beck? is in. Its a nice summer refresher with a crackin’ hop character. Its 5.5% ABV and around 20 IBU. It’ll be finished with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops which will deliver a nice citrus, lemon character.
Que Beck is available in bottles only at the brewery, in draft at many venues during Philly Beer Week, and NJ as well.
Dan Weyerbacher

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