03 May 2011

Weyerbacher - Rebranding Designs

imageBack in early March we brought news of the Weyerbacher brand Re-Design underway.  Late last night one of our readers was nice enough to send in a link from the packaging design website dieline showing off a Student Spotlight on Weyerbacher Brewery Rebranding….so I thought you’d want a peek.  The design below come to us from Madaline Moninghoff @ Syracuse University and carry the design tag: 

"No matter how hard your day, Weyerbacher takes the edge off. Located in the rustbelt of Easton, Pennsylvania, Weyerbacher brewery provides local, great tasting beer. The re-branding of this microbrewery showcases the history of Easton and the unique beer that is made there. The design includes historical stories about men from the Easton area and what they went through. This links the present day local beer drinker to what happened in their town years ago."

image image image

Note the sample beer names of “Sordid Stout, Brazen Brew and Abandoned Ale,”  and also note that these are simply design ideas and not confirmed as final by anyone @ Weyerbacher….so stay tuned.

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