03 March 2011

Weyerbacher New Branding/Logo! Updates (March 3 2011)

WeyerbacherWebFrom Dan:

Things have been crazy here at Weyerbacher. Trying to keep up with the incredible demand of late has kept our brew team and production team working overtime! It's a good problem to have a beer over! Anyway, we have some news here on our latest seasonal release, our latest one-off and some other tidbits as well.

Brand Re-Design
Yes, you've been telling us for years that we needed it and we're finally going to do it! Dan, Chris & Chris began work on the project a few months ago with consulting/design firm SSM Creative. A complete redesign of the Weyerbacher brand including new logo, packaging of all types, POS, etc. will finally be coming later this year. Thanks for all of your input and ideas over the years, we're finally able to put this redesign in motion. Cheers!

Dan W. & Crew

Slam Dunkel Returns! Our double Dunkel Weizen is back and shipping out to markets already. Slam Dunkel is unfiltered, 7% abv and full of great weizen taste with those hints of banana and clove you expect along with a hearty, deep malt palate. Available in March in all markets, both bottles and draft.

Heresy & Insanity Update: Since demand for our year-round beers has been so strong, we've fallen behind a bit on the production of these 2 bourbon barrel beers. Heresy is nearly done, with one batch still in barrels. But we've only shipped about half of the Insanity pre-orders and will be able to fill them all by the end of March. So if you haven't seen it yet in your area, relax, it's coming soon. Be sure to let your favorite beer store know you want some so they order it before it's gone.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
We have combined qualities of a hefeweizen and an IPA to make our latest Brewer’s Select beer, Oscar. Pilsner and wheat malts, German weizen yeast and a heavy dose of Hallertuaer and Saaz hops make up this delicious hybrid. It is light in color and refreshing like a hefe with the hoppiness of an IPA. Spicy clove and fruity notes blend well with the bready malts and Noble hop aroma. Oscar is available in bottles only at the brewery on Saturdays and will likely be gone in 2 weeks or so. Draft is available in key markets throughout the east.

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