18 March 2011

Weyerbacher- IPA Project (No Love for NEPA)

weyerbacherFrom Dan:


The IPA Project
Every brewery seems to have an IPA of some sort. Some breweries have several. We currently sport two year-round IPAs in our line-up: the "Crotch Grabbing" Double Simcoe IPA and our Hops Infusion single IPA. Well, the time has come for us to mix things up a bit. Behold: The IPA Project.

Our plan is to create a new sessionable IPA to join our year-round portfolio and [gasp!] replace Hops Infusion. Yes, I actually wrote that. "How can you do this?!?" cry the masses! Well, for starters, we think you're really going to like what we're doing because YOU get to help us out! And don't worry; there is PLENTY of Hops Infusion to keep you happy for the time being. NO, you may NOT hoard it. BAD! BAD DRINKER! You already know that Hops Infusion is best fresh and fortunately we know you need to be weaned... so here's your sixish to nineish month warning.

In the meantime, we'll be releasing a new IPA 'test batch' each month starting the 4th week of March and roughly through August. These new IPAs will be done consecutively and are extremely limited: Only 15 barrels per batch. The IPAs will ONLY be available in draft to select bars and restaurants throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley (including the Weyerbacher Visitors Center). Each IPA will have a unique (and completely backstory-less) name like a random color or a verb. You, our loyal and rabid supporters will be able to submit feedback to us directly on our website and via tear-off cards located at each participating restaurant and bar.

The IPA Project does NOT replace the brewers Select Series, they will be continuing uninterrupted. So that's it. What do you think?
Here are the participating bars and restaurants where you can find the first IPA Project VERY CREATIVELY named "batch #3743″!
New Jersey:
The Stirling Hotel
The Pourhouse
Coppermine Pub
The High Street Grille
Mexican Food Factory
Andy's Corner Bar

Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley:
Pearly Bakers Alehouse
Weyerbacher's Visitors Center
Liberty Street
Porter's Pub
Keystone Pub
Canal Street Pub

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia:
The Hulmeville Inn
Isaac Newton's
Standard Tap
Jose Pistole's
South Philly Tap Room
Kite and Key
Spinnerstown Hotel
Craft Ale House
Union Jack's Glenside

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