25 February 2011

Weyerbacher Oscar Release 3/26/2011

WeyerbacherOscarWe were the first to show you the new label for Weyerbacher’s Brewer’s Select OSCAR back in Dec…so I’m excited to report this news from Dan:



The latest in our Brewer's Select Series of one-offs, Oscar is a very hoppy Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and 6.2% abv. Oscar will be available in bottles only at the brewery during Saturday tour hours. Draft will be available in our best markets beginning immediately and over the next few weeks. Prost!
Dan Weyerbacher

04 February 2011

Weyerbacher Updates—More Brewers Select!

Weyerbacher PapaFrom Dan:

Heresy & Insanity Return!!
Releasing throughout the month of February to all markets and Saturday, February 5th at the brewery. Some markets have already received them. We have batches coming out all month long and even into March, just to meet the pre-order quantities placed by our wholesalers. So if your area doesn't have it right away, be patient and dream about those incredible bourbon barrels!

Fireside Ale is Back!
Because I'm late writing, you've probably already seen this in your market. However, some markets only just got it last week. Fireside, our slightly smoky ale is the perfect companion during this time of year. Mixes well with the sofa and the fireplace/woodstove, those winter time bonfires and especially after your polar bear plunge. Pick some up before its gone!

Some Words from Chris Wilson:
We have been brewing up a storm trying to keep up. It is the busiest time of year for us and we have all those stinkin' holidays that screw up scheduling. Don't worry, we'll catch up eventually. Of course, there is also bourbon in the air. It really does smell like bourbon, since we are putting Old Heathen into barrels today! Heresy and Insanity are both scheduled for release in early February as well.

I don't really believe in making resolutions. Isn't it better just to be "better" now rather than waiting until the New Year? That said, here are a few from the brew crew here at Weyerbacher:

1. We will make more Brewer's Select beers than ever before.
2. We will STOP making Imperial Pumpkin Ale!
3. We will release more Wild Ales (other than Riserva).
4. We will have more fun.
5. We will get better at what we do.
6. Just kidding about number two.

February will also be bringing Oscar to a bar near you. Oscar is going to be a 7% Hefeweizen/IPA hybrid or a "Hoppy Hefe". It should be cloudy and yellow in appearance, much like a typical German-Style Hefeweizen and it will be IPA-like in hop profile. We aim to keep the banana character to a minimum and accentuate the clove. The result should be a medium-bodied ale with a spicy clove character that blends well with the spicy side of the Hallertuaer and Saaz hop varieties. It should be delicious.

Here is a quick note on staffing. Dan Hitchcock has continued to gain responsibility and experience as a brewer, so we decided to promote him to Lead Brewer. Congratulations Dan!

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Adios Gatos y Gatitos,


Production Manager Chris Lampe:
I have mentioned in the newsletters that we "pop" and "stuff" the 6 and 4 packs by hand. While we are looking for machines to handle this, this is how they are done.