16 December 2011

Weyerbacher Riserva 2011–Bottling Today!

imageJust thought you’d want an update on the progress of 2011 Weyerbacher Riserva and it’s good news….looks like out pal Chris Wilson and the guys are bottling it TODAY!  This from Weyerbacher:

Hello fellow sour fans! Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! The fourth generation of RISERVA, our American Wild Ale with Raspberries is FINALLY being bottled! As I type this, our brand spankin’ new bottling line and all or cellarman are hard at work putting this wonderful beer into cork and cage bottles 750 ml bottles (like a champagne bottle). The beer will not be ready for a few weeks…. or maybe even a few months…. bottle conditioning a beer this high in alcohol and this sour takes some time—Please be patient! We promise you a great evening engagement (and lots of social and logistic efficiency) once we know when the beer will be ready! Yes, this beer WILL be available in stores! Stay tuned for more Riserva 2011 updates!

Check out this short video we’ve made for you! Here is the last Riserva update, posted August 15th and here is the story from when the bottling line arrived from Bavaria on November 14th!

02 December 2011

Weyerbacher NOW OPEN Friday Nights!

The Visitors Center will be open Friday from 4:30pm to 7:30pm throughout December. We will not be conducting tours on Friday evenings but you can still come fill your growler, mix up a case and try some samples! We sell kegs, too!

The Visitor Center is open every Saturday 12 Noon to 3PM for Tours, Tastings & Sales

26 October 2011

Weyerbacher - Brewers Select Tango


Looks like our pal Chris Wilson is ready to release the next beer in the Weyerbacher Brewer’s Select series.  Up today we have Tango—Belgian-style dark ale brewed with Cherries (12oz bottles).  Now I’ll admit I love Cherry-based Belgian beers so this one sounds like it’s right up my alley.  Save me some Chris!

Update 11/15 from Bill Bragg:

We have made this release of our Brewer’s Select Series in time to help you enjoy your holidays. It is a festive combination of malts, Belgian yeast, and cherries. This dark chestnut brew has a nice caramel malt character, a tart cherry fruitiness that carries throughout, and a nice warming finish.

As with all of our Brewers’ Select beers, Tango is available in draft at awesome Weyerbacher-supporting bars and restaurants and is made available in 12oz bottles at Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center only. This is a once and done limited release. Tango is the letter “T” in the NATO / phonetic alphabet.

Belgian-Style Dark Ale brewed with cherries

9.6% ABV, 21IBU

20 October 2011

Weyerbacher Idiot’s Drool Release 11/17

From Weyerbacher:

On Thursday, November 17th, we'll be debuting Idiot's Drool from 5 - 8 pm at the brewery. Idiot's Drool is an Old Ale that has spent 4 1/2 years in oak barrels.

Head Brewer, Chris Wilson says, "It's a full-bodied, deep burgundy ale with an incredibly complex character. Extended aging has imbued this beer with notes of vanilla, oak, leather and sweet sherry. A mild acidity and subtle carbonation rounds out the palate. Truly fantastic!"

There are only 840 bottles available, so it is a Brewery Only release. Idiot's Drool is only available in 750 ml cork and cage bottles, with a max of 6 bottles per customer.

Since our license only allows us to sell a case of 12 of the 750 bottles, you can choose from our selection of available 750 bottles: Merry Monks, Double Simcoe or Rapture. That’s right - Rapture!! We have another 60 cases we've held back just so they would be available at this event. Idiot’s Drool is $23 per bottle, ABV is 12%. Our brewers will be present at this special event to answer all queries.


hris Wilson, Head Brewer:
Here comes the light of an autumn moon. You can enjoy that Imperial Pumpkin Ale now, he he he! AutumnFest is out there as well. It seems these beers are getting more and more popular. Get out there and find 'em while you still can.

I hope all of you made it out last month for the release of our new American Wild Ale, Rapture. I know many of you did because it was a great success! Outside of a slight (ok, more than slight) register problem, everything went great. We had a great night, a great crowd and a great response to Rapture. Thanks to all who made it to the brewery and helped us celebrate our newest beer and for being patient during our register issues. Also, thanks for keeping our parking lot clean (except for that one car, you know who you are).

We have a nice addition to our Brewer's Select Series, Sierra. This velvety black Milk Stout is full-bodied, yet drinkable and delicious. We have used an intricate mix of 7 malts to yield aspects of coffee, bitter cocoa and toasted oats. Then just as you might add cream to your espresso, we add a dose of lactose sugar to balance out the roasted flavors. This combo gives you a beer that is chocolaty and creamy. Delicious!

Winter Ale will be hitting the shelves very soon as well. I think there is enough of a chill in the air (at night at least) to make it feel just right. QUAD is on the horizon too!

Don't Run, Don't Rush, Just Flow,
Chris W.

New Easton Brewfest Event
In past years, Weyerbacher has attended the Lehigh Valley Brewfest hosted by Equi-librium. This year, they will be hosting a new event and we are looking forward to it. We hope you can attend to help this very worthy cause:

Easton, PA — Equi-librium is pleased to announce the premiere of a new and unique event in the Valley: The Pairings; fine food, wine & beer. During this event, Lehigh Valley chefs will pair food and drinks for the best culinary results — it will go one step beyond a traditional wine or beer tasting event. The non-profit organization has almost ten years of experience with craft beer tasting events, having hosted Lehigh Valley Brewfest since 2004.

The Pairings will be held on Sunday, November 6 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at The Bank Street Annex in Downtown Easton. Food tastings will be matched with a wine and a craft beer, starting with hors d’oeuvres and ending with dessert. Chefs participating include ones from Sette Luna, Pearly Baker’s, Wegmans, Vintage, Bethlehem BrewWorks, Gala Gourmet Catering, Balasia, diLorenzo’s, Warm Sugar and more. Wines from the vineyards such as Hermann Weimer and craft beers from breweries including Weyerbacher and Bethlehem BrewWorks will be matched during this event.

All proceeds will go to support Equi-librium’s therapeutic riding and driving programs for local children, youth and adults with special needs.

There will be only 300 tickets to this event, allowing all attendees to have a chance to talk with the chefs and other providers. The cost per ticket will be $80 prior to the day before the event, and $85 at the door. Attendees must be 21 or older. Registrations can be made through the web site: www.thepairingslv.org, or by calling 570-992-7722.

The late-afternoon’s activities will include a raffle and guests will be able to have fun with Dan’s PhotoBooth. Sponsors for this event include The Express-Times, PNC Wealth Management, Just Born, Brown-Daub Family of Dealerships, Highmark Blue Shield, RMG Insurance, Dan’s Camera City and StandingStone Media. For more information, please contact pbeste@ptd.net or 610-417-2791. For more information about Equi-librium, please visit www.equi-librium.org or call 570-992-7722.

14 October 2011

Weyerbacher Idiot’s Drool Old Ale


Here’s a great new 750ml bottle Beer coming to us from our pal Chris Wilson From Weyerbacher Brewing called Idiot’s Drool Old Ale.  No real details yet, so stay tuned!

12 October 2011

Weyerbacher Blasphemy 2011 Dumped

imageFrom Bill Bragg @ Weyerbacher:

For those of you wondering where all the Blasphemy went: We do still have some here however we are not going to be shipping it. Unfortunately, two of the five bottling runs of this year's Blasphemy did not carbonate properly and so they do not meet our QC standards. Tragic as this may seem, we refuse to sell an inferior product and has been decided that we will be sending these two batches down the drain. I was not present at the meeting and I could never be sure, but I thought that I heard the sound of "Taps" being played, gently.

We will make sure that those distributors that did not receive Blasphemy 2011 will receive it in 2012.

21 September 2011

Weyerbacher Rapture Release Tomorrow!

imageFrom Weyerbacher

A few colorful words on our website just can’t make an impact at how excited we are about this beer.  It truly is a remarkable


For those of you that have not heard about it yet, Rapture is a Sour Beer in the vein of a Flanders Red but somewhat bolder in flavor.  This beer is a one time only beer, available only at the brewery and we have only produced just shy of 300 cases.  This beer will NOT be distributed anywhere but at Weyerbacher Brewing Company.  Read more about Rapture here.

Be sure to come out between the hours of 5pm and 8pm to sample Rapture, meet Head Brewer Chris Wilson and several members the brewing staff here at Weyerbacher and buy some beer!  Much like our normal Saturday operations, we’ll be offering mixed case sales of Rapture and Unfiltered and Double Simcoe India Pale Ale (both of which are available EXCLUSIVELY in 750ml bottles) as well as all available styles of 12oz beers.

Please note:  Yes, we’d LOVE to sell you a bottle or two…  Trust us.  However, we do not have a liquor license which allows us to sell individual bottles, six packs or mixed size variety packs.  24x 12 oz bottles makes a case and 12x 750ml bottles makes a case. Also, when attending the event, you will be far happier if you complete your purchase selections as soon as possible.  The tendency for people to wait until we close can create a heck of a line.  We’ll do our level best to entertain those in line, but remember to strike while the iron (or in this metaphor, the cash register) is hot (well, the register would be ‘free’…  I digress.)

12 September 2011

Weyerbacher GABF Entries & Sampling

WeyerbacherBlueLogoFrom Weyerbacher:

The Great American Beer Festival is coming quickly and Weyerbacher has shipped-out it’s offerings. Visit the GABF site for details on this event. Here’s a quick list of what we’re bringing to sample at the booth, what is available at the food pavilion and what we’re submitting for the competition. Last year Weyerbacher scored a Bronze for Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Wish us luck! We’ve got some damn fine contenders in the competition this year! Cheers!

For the booth:

Sixteen Anniversary Ale (Draft)

Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Draft)

Double Simcoe India Pale Ale (Draft)

Merry Monks Ale (750ml cork-n-cage)

Rapture (750ml cork-n-cage)

For the Food Pavilion:

Merry Monks Ale

Blithering Idiot Barleywine

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Old Heathen Imperial Stout

For the competition:

Merry Monks Ale

Sixteen Anniversary Ale

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Double Simcoe India Pale Ale

Winter Ale

Old Heathen Imperial Stout

Insanity (oak-aged Blithering Idiot Barleywine)

Idiot’s Drool (4.5 year aged and bottle conditioned Blithering idiot Barleywine)

Rapture (American Wild Ale)

10 September 2011

Weyerbacher Rapture Release Event - Sept 22nd 5-8PM

From Weyerbacher:

You want to come to Weyerbacher on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 between 5pm and 8pm.


Because! You get to come taste RAPTURE! You also get to meet Head Brewer Chris Wilson, Lead Brewer Dan Hitchcock and Brewer Chris Reilly! You ALSO ALSO get to BUY some of this amazing Wild Ale!!!

Of course our Visitors Center staff will be on-hand to assist should you like to buy a mixed case of some of our 12 ounce styles as well. This beer is not available anywhere but at the brewery.

No reservations are needed – just come on down to the brewery! We look forward to seeing you there!

29 August 2011

Weyerbacher Hop Harvest 2011

imageFrom Bill Bragg @ Weyerbacher Brewing :

Hey Hop Heads!  Take a look at this ‘lil YouTube slideshow we just put together!  It’s highlights from the 2011 Hop Harvest at the Weyerbacher Hop Farm.

In this video you will get an idea of what goes into harvesting our field and getting all the hop cones bagged-up to use for our wet hop beer:  Harvest Ale.  Visit our YouTube channel to see the video from last year as well!

Harvest Ale will be shipping to wholesalers this coming week and will be available to you in early September.  Cheers!

25 August 2011

Weyerbacher–Brewers Select Sierra


We’re working our way through the phonetic alphabet in the Brewers Select Series with our friend Chris Wilson @ Weyerbacher Brewing.  Today we have Brewers Select Sierra…and other than it being bottled in 12oz bottles, there are few details out just yet…so stay tuned.

15 August 2011

Weyerbacher Riserva 2011

From the Weyerbacher Blog:

2011 will bring the fourth release of our super-funky and sour raspberry wild ale called Riserva.  What?  You’ve never had it?  Well let me tell you:  It’s a beer unlike most you’ve probably ever had…  and it even stands well apart from some of the other sour beers out there.  The tart berry flavors mix with the funk of wild yeast fermentation to present you with a pleasing and unique taste experience. 

If you have had it, you’re likely thinking: “So just where the heck is all that Riserva I’ve been salivating about each time I gaze at the mountain of oak barrels during a tour of the brewery?  Hasn’t it been long enough?  Isn’t it summer? But they said it would be here in the SUMMER!!!!  Waaaah!”

Well it actually IS ready but our brand spankin’ new bottling line custom made in Germany just for 750 ml bottles isn’t ready… YET.

What does this mean?  This means this year’s batch will have been in-contact with the oak barrels far longer than any batch before for an even deeper flavor.  In the typical Weyerbacher fashion: If some is good, MORE is better! 

Once the new line arrives and is operational, our beloved Riserva will finally find it’s way out of the barrels and into the bottles where it will sit for a while (“AGAIN!?!?!?”) to bottle condition.

Some of you have asked in the past, “Don’t ya’ll make a ‘Holiday’ beer?” Well, maybe this year Riserva can be a stand-in for ya!  I can tell you that most people would LOVE this as a gift!  It’s awesome with turkey….   as a liquid substitute for canned cranberries!

We’ll bring you photos and videos of the racking process (moving the beer out of the barrel) and the bottling.  We’ll definitely get some cool pictures and videos of the new line, too.  We will announce the date we will release this beer via a special newsletter mailing in the future.  Be sure to get on our mailing list if you aren’t already on it!  Stay tuned!


14 August 2011

Weyerbacher “Oscar” one-off batch has problem

imageFrom Dan:

“Oscar” one-off batch has problem

If you purchased any bottles of Oscar and you still have not consumed them they need to be very carefully destroyed.  Fermentation has occurred in the bottle, which at this point is past its expiration date printed on the bottle, and excess pressure may have developed inside these bottles of old beer.  There is a possibility for these bottles to explode on their own, or if handled roughly.  Please handle gently, cover and wrap with a towel before picking up and dispose of safely.  We realistically don’t expect there to be any of these around anymore as they are past code date, but if you have any and have any problems please contact us at the brewery.

29 July 2011

Weyerbacher–New Project IPA CRIMSON Sat (7/30)!

WeyerbacherNew IPA Project this Saturday at Visitor’s Center ~ Be sure to stop by between noon and 3 to check it out! Details below from Chris…

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
Well it’s almost August and that means we can really start talking about autumn beers, right? We are full steam ahead on production of Imperial Pumpkin Ale and now, AutumnFest as well. Some of you may have actually seen these beers start to trickle out onto the shelves of your local store. The rest of you should see them sometime in August. We have increased production of Imperial Pumpkin Ale by a huge amount this year to TRY and keep up with demand, but I bet you’ll still want more. Don’t forget about AutumnFest either! If you are looking for a nice malty brew that’s incredibly drinkable, AutumnFest is your beer.

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with the IPA Project. Well, it’s time for another installment. We are calling it Crimson. Again, the name is random, so no, it is not RED! For the love of PETE, it’s random! You know, to avoid confusion from beer to beer! Arrrrggh…. “I have people skills!”

Well, this is one sticky hop concoction! A west coast-style IPA with big citrus and pine notes. Kettle hopped with Simcoe, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial, and then dry hopped with more Simcoe and Centennial for an incredible hop flavor and aroma. If you like hops, Crimson is going to make you stand up and smack your mama!

August is also going to bring our next Brewer’s Select Beer, Romeo. We’re going to go Belgian with this one. It has not been bottled at the time I’m writing this, but I can tell that it will be an ~8.5% Belgian Red Ale. We are looking at around 35 IBUs and a nice dose of Hallertuaer and Saaz in the finish. Maybe you should consider a gift for your mama after what Crimson made you do.

I have one last little bit of information for you. We have two incredible beers that are coming up for release. It may be September or October, but they are awesome. Keep your ear to the ground for details that will follow shortly.

If you find yourself drinking a Weyerbacher Beer, give us a shout on twitter @weyerbacher. And as always, please visit our website, www.weyerbacher.com.

Chris Wilson

22 July 2011

Weyerbacher Rapture American Wild Ale


Here’s an exciting new brew from our friend Chris Wilson @ Weyerbacher Brewing.  Rapture American Wild Ale…750ml bottles and a BIG 11.8% ABV for this new wild-yeast brew….and no I haven’t figured out yet what the drawing is.  Could this be the sour Flanders red Chris Wilson mentioned?

10 July 2011

Weyerbacher Brewers Select–Romeo

We’re working our way through the phonetic alphabet with the Weyerbacher Brewing Brewers Select Series.  Today I’m excited to be the first to show off their new Romeo packaging.  As always this will be packaged in 12oz bottles, but beyond that there are very few details to report, other than it will continue to be an “Ale craft brewed in small batches”…so stay tuned for details.

07 July 2011

Weyerbacher Update

imageFrom Chris:

It’s summertime and the livin’s easy…

Philly Beer Week was a blast (and a bit of a blur). We had some excellent events. Que¿Beck went over like gangbusters. It was good to have a tasty 5.5% summer ale to drink at all those events! If you didn’t make it out, mark your calendar for next year. Take a vacation, play hooky, do whatever it takes to make it out next year. It is an experience that should be on every beer lover’s “must do” list. Special thanks to all the bars that welcomed us, as well as our Origlio representatives. Let’s give a big shout-out to Mike, Natalie and Bob (our sales crew) for setting up the events and making sure everything went off without a hitch.

Our fourth entry for the IPA Project is titled “Steel”. Steel is a 5.8%, 52IBU straw colored IPA. We’ve kept the malt bill simple to let the hops shine through on this West Coasty IPA. We have loaded it up with Ahtanum, Centennial and Simcoe Hops at a rate of over 4 pounds per barrel. Steel is loaded with floral, piney and citrus notes that are sure to please the hop lover. Please fill out a survey at your local participating establishment or get on our website and fill it out online. Same participating locations that have been on this project previously.

Otherwise, we are brewing a @$@%-load of Imperial Pumpkin Ale. This is, of course, exactly what I think of when the brewery temps inside are approaching 100 degrees F. Too early to brew pumpkin you say? Well, you guys like this beer so much that we have to start brewing it really early so that we can make it all before the release date. Yeah, Pumpkin!

Chris Wilson

09 June 2011

Weyerbacher Que?beck & XVI Release

WeyerbacherFrom Dan: 

We had a faux pas last week and didn't have Sixteen available, but it will definitely be out this Saturday during Visitor Center hours at the brewery. I'll let Chris Wilson describe the latest in our Brewer's Select Series of One-offs:
¿Queˊ Beck? is the next release of the Brewer’s Select Series. As you know, the naming system for the BSS is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. You may not know that the TTB will not allow a brewery to name a beer the name of an existing place if the beer is not made there. So Quebec (pronounced “ka-bec” by the locals there) is out and ¿Queˊ Beck? is in. Its a nice summer refresher with a crackin’ hop character. Its 5.5% ABV and around 20 IBU. It’ll be finished with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops which will deliver a nice citrus, lemon character.
Que Beck is available in bottles only at the brewery, in draft at many venues during Philly Beer Week, and NJ as well.
Dan Weyerbacher

02 June 2011

Weyerbacher Merry Monks Takes Honors Philly Beer Week Events!

imageFrom Dan:

Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ Takes Honors Again!

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer (June 2, 2011) has 2, yes 2 Weyerbacher Beers getting top 5 honors out of 38 regional beers tasted.   The blind tasting was conducted by Inquirer Restaurant Critic Craig LaBan with a panel of 8 tasters including food critics, wine and beer writers, brewers and beer geeks alike.  Beers were divided into two categories: classic beers and new beers.

Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ place number 3 in classic beers showing “…a mastery of  Belgian style brewing”.  LaBan added its “…at once creamy, pruney sweet, and potent, stoking big boozy lusciousness”.

Weyerbacher Blasphemy placed number 5 in the new beers category.  This Belgian-style Quadruppel aged in bourbon barrels, was just brought back by the brewery after a 3 year hiatus, due to intense lobbying by beer fans.  Available right now, for a limited time in 750ml Cork n Cage bottles.


Wednesday 5/11, 4pm-7pm: Tasting at the Wegman’s in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Beers include: Merry Monks, Verboten, and Blanche.

Thursday 5/12 at 6pm: Weyerbacher Night at The Hulmeville Inn, PA. Firkin of Pineapple Blanche, Firkin of Mango Double Simcoe on the Hand-Pump, Heresy, Papa (scotch ale), and Blithering Idiot on tap! There will also be a qualifying round for the Philly Beer Geek contest that evening.

Friday 5/13, 5pm-8pm: Tasting at Queen Anne Wine & Spirits in Teaneck, NJ.

Saturday 5/14, 12:30-4:30pm: Washington Crossing Brewfest, PA.

Saturday 5/14. 5pm-9pm: Blue Monkey, Merchantville Beerfest, NJ. Pouring Verboten and Blanche.

This is your humble brewer, Chris Wilson, here to remind you that the day is nearly upon us. Friday marks the official beginning of Philly Beer Week and we are going to be busy! We have 34 events that we are attending, as well as many Weyerbacher beers being featured throughout the city at participating bars!!! We will be featuring some of our year-round beers - Merry Monks’ Ale, Double Simcoe and Verboten alongside some of our seasonals like Blanche, Blasphemy, Insanity and much more. We will also have special beers at some events. Keep your eyes and ears open to find out where you’ll get to try Papa, Que¿beck, Sixteen or maybe even something more special…

We are going to start this year’s festivities at Jose Pistola’s, where you can lunch with me and a nice firkin of Double Simcoe IPA. We would definitely like to see you and get an early start on PBW2011. I’ll also be at Grace Tavern, Perch Pub, Johnny Brenda’s, Abbaye and London Grill, among others.

Chris Lampe, our Production Manager, will be hitting the scene Wednesday afternoon and starting out big with 9+ beers at Standard Tap @4pm. Come on, you can’t miss that!! You can also meet up with him at Time, Trolley Car, Eulogy and Hulmeville Inn (just to name a few).

You will also see our sale crew of Bob Fauteux and Mike Lubieski all over the city. There will be a Natalie DeChico sighting or two at South Jersey Uno’s locations.

Check out the full schedule of events featuring Weyerbacher Brewing Company and make a plan to come out and see us!

19 May 2011

Weyerbacher News–May 2011 IP Project North, Que?beck, Sixteen, Blasphemy

New Beer Releases
We have several to announce this time around. First up, Blasphemy releases this Saturday, May 21 at our Visitors Center. Now in cork n cage and bottle conditioned, Blasphemy is our QUAD aged in bourbon barrels, a beer we have not made in 3 years. Next up is our 3rd entry in the IPA project, called “North”. North is expected to be on tap around the 20th at the same accounts that have been part of our IPA project all along. Chris has much more info on this beer below. Last, and certainly not least, Sixteen will make its debut at the Visitor Center on Saturday, June 4. Chris also has the scoop on this beer as well. Hope you get a chance to try all of these beers and post your feedback on our website, we’d love to hear from you.

Dan W.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
The third beer in our IPA Project will be called “North”. I would say it’s closer to an India Brown Ale or maybe an India Dark Mahogany Ale, whatever. While the combination of Pale, Munich, Biscuit and CaraAroma malts forms a nice bready base, this beer is dominated by a heavy dose of Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops that lend a distinctly spicy and citrusy flavor and aroma. It’ll be 5.7% and 53 IBUs. If you live in NJ or Philly, please check out the list of participating bars and go out and try it. After you try it, visit our site and let us know what you think or fill out the survey right at the bar.

We will be ramping up production this month for June. We will see a few more new beers including the fourth entry in the IPA Project, as well as Que¿beck which will be the next release of the Brewer’s Select Series. As you know, the naming system for the BSS is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. You may not know that the TTB will not allow a brewery to name a beer the name of an existing place if the beer is not made there. So Quebec (pronounced “ka-bec” by the locals there) is out and Que¿beck is in. We have not brewed it, but I can give you an idea of what to expect. We are looking for a nice summer refresher with a crackin’ hop character. It should be 5 to 5.5% ABV and around 20 IBU. It’ll be finished with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops which will deliver a nice citrus, lemon character. A lot of summer beers call for a slice of lemon, lime or orange. We hope to brew it into the beer for you.

We will also be releasing our sixteenth anniversary beer. Sixteen will be a dark braggot made with 1,440 pounds of honey per 40BBL batch or over 18.5 oz. per gallon!! That is truly ABSURD! It is an impressive beer. We say it for all of the Anni beers, but this one is going to be fun to cellar. I think it is going to be really interesting to see how this beauty changes over time. Here is some marketingese to get you salivating.

Caramel, crystal, munich and chocolate malts form a rich foundation for this dark and complex ale. Brewed with an absurd amount of honey from Pennsylvania bees, this braggot has a profound honey character and a nice warming finish. It is the perfect beer to celebrate our sweet sixteen.

Get your calendars out and mark down June 3rd – June 12th for Philly Beer Week. We have more than 25 events over the 10 days with more to come. Keep your ear to the tracks for a special newsletter detailing our plans for the week around the 1st of June. I will say that these events will be a good opportunity to try our new beers.

Chris Wilson

Team Peggy!
Have you heard about Weyerbacher’s Peggy yet? NO!??! What are you waiting for!?! Read the press release on our website to see how a three-legged goat saved by Weyerbacher brewer Colin Presby upset the goat races at Sly Fox’s Bock Fest! Get your TEAM PEGGY T-shirts (all proceeds benefit the Berks County Humane Society) to show your support! Shirts will be made available shortly on Peggy’s facebook page. GO TEAM PEGGY!

Weyerbacher Brewer Colin Presby and Peggy
Thanks so much to Lynn Jusinski from the Phoenixville Patch for this AWESOME shot of the devastation Peggy leaves in her wake! PEGGY RULES!

13 May 2011

Weyerbacher–Brewers Select Que?beck

I’ve been very excited to see how Chris and the guys would handle “Q” in the Weyerbacher Brewing Brewers Select series…so I was excited to see…Que?beck come out today…this brew will follow the release of Papa…and since we had Head Brewer Chris Wilson in the studio today for our radio show, I hope to have some details soon….so stay tuned!  UPDATE:  Chris tells me they have not brewed Que?beck yet but he plans call for a summer sessionable brew with a Cascade & Sorachi hop citrus bite

03 May 2011

Weyerbacher - Rebranding Designs

imageBack in early March we brought news of the Weyerbacher brand Re-Design underway.  Late last night one of our readers was nice enough to send in a link from the packaging design website dieline showing off a Student Spotlight on Weyerbacher Brewery Rebranding….so I thought you’d want a peek.  The design below come to us from Madaline Moninghoff @ Syracuse University and carry the design tag: 

"No matter how hard your day, Weyerbacher takes the edge off. Located in the rustbelt of Easton, Pennsylvania, Weyerbacher brewery provides local, great tasting beer. The re-branding of this microbrewery showcases the history of Easton and the unique beer that is made there. The design includes historical stories about men from the Easton area and what they went through. This links the present day local beer drinker to what happened in their town years ago."

image image image

Note the sample beer names of “Sordid Stout, Brazen Brew and Abandoned Ale,”  and also note that these are simply design ideas and not confirmed as final by anyone @ Weyerbacher….so stay tuned.

03 April 2011

Weyerbacher Sixteen Dark Braggot Ale


I’ve been talking to my pal Chris Wilson about the upcoming release of Weyerbacher’s Sixteen anniversary ale (1995-2011),  This year’s brew is a Dark braggot Ale brewed with honey.  Looks like we’ll see Sixteen in 12oz bottles and as I would expect, it’s big at 10.5% ABV.  Can’t wait to try this one Chris.

18 March 2011

Weyerbacher- IPA Project (No Love for NEPA)

weyerbacherFrom Dan:


The IPA Project
Every brewery seems to have an IPA of some sort. Some breweries have several. We currently sport two year-round IPAs in our line-up: the "Crotch Grabbing" Double Simcoe IPA and our Hops Infusion single IPA. Well, the time has come for us to mix things up a bit. Behold: The IPA Project.

Our plan is to create a new sessionable IPA to join our year-round portfolio and [gasp!] replace Hops Infusion. Yes, I actually wrote that. "How can you do this?!?" cry the masses! Well, for starters, we think you're really going to like what we're doing because YOU get to help us out! And don't worry; there is PLENTY of Hops Infusion to keep you happy for the time being. NO, you may NOT hoard it. BAD! BAD DRINKER! You already know that Hops Infusion is best fresh and fortunately we know you need to be weaned... so here's your sixish to nineish month warning.

In the meantime, we'll be releasing a new IPA 'test batch' each month starting the 4th week of March and roughly through August. These new IPAs will be done consecutively and are extremely limited: Only 15 barrels per batch. The IPAs will ONLY be available in draft to select bars and restaurants throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley (including the Weyerbacher Visitors Center). Each IPA will have a unique (and completely backstory-less) name like a random color or a verb. You, our loyal and rabid supporters will be able to submit feedback to us directly on our website and via tear-off cards located at each participating restaurant and bar.

The IPA Project does NOT replace the brewers Select Series, they will be continuing uninterrupted. So that's it. What do you think?
Here are the participating bars and restaurants where you can find the first IPA Project VERY CREATIVELY named "batch #3743″!
New Jersey:
The Stirling Hotel
The Pourhouse
Coppermine Pub
The High Street Grille
Mexican Food Factory
Andy's Corner Bar

Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley:
Pearly Bakers Alehouse
Weyerbacher's Visitors Center
Liberty Street
Porter's Pub
Keystone Pub
Canal Street Pub

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia:
The Hulmeville Inn
Isaac Newton's
Standard Tap
Jose Pistole's
South Philly Tap Room
Kite and Key
Spinnerstown Hotel
Craft Ale House
Union Jack's Glenside

04 March 2011

Weyerbacher–Blasphemy NEW Packaging


We gave you the heads-up on Weyerbacher’s new branding just yesterday, so as much as I’d like to think this is part of it, I don’t think it is quite yet.  BUT….here’s your absolute first look at the new package design for Weyerbacher’s 11% ABV 750ml Blasphemy Ale.  We let you know the original Blasphemy brew was coming back..and Here it is.

03 March 2011

Weyerbacher New Branding/Logo! Updates (March 3 2011)

WeyerbacherWebFrom Dan:

Things have been crazy here at Weyerbacher. Trying to keep up with the incredible demand of late has kept our brew team and production team working overtime! It's a good problem to have a beer over! Anyway, we have some news here on our latest seasonal release, our latest one-off and some other tidbits as well.

Brand Re-Design
Yes, you've been telling us for years that we needed it and we're finally going to do it! Dan, Chris & Chris began work on the project a few months ago with consulting/design firm SSM Creative. A complete redesign of the Weyerbacher brand including new logo, packaging of all types, POS, etc. will finally be coming later this year. Thanks for all of your input and ideas over the years, we're finally able to put this redesign in motion. Cheers!

Dan W. & Crew

Slam Dunkel Returns! Our double Dunkel Weizen is back and shipping out to markets already. Slam Dunkel is unfiltered, 7% abv and full of great weizen taste with those hints of banana and clove you expect along with a hearty, deep malt palate. Available in March in all markets, both bottles and draft.

Heresy & Insanity Update: Since demand for our year-round beers has been so strong, we've fallen behind a bit on the production of these 2 bourbon barrel beers. Heresy is nearly done, with one batch still in barrels. But we've only shipped about half of the Insanity pre-orders and will be able to fill them all by the end of March. So if you haven't seen it yet in your area, relax, it's coming soon. Be sure to let your favorite beer store know you want some so they order it before it's gone.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
We have combined qualities of a hefeweizen and an IPA to make our latest Brewer’s Select beer, Oscar. Pilsner and wheat malts, German weizen yeast and a heavy dose of Hallertuaer and Saaz hops make up this delicious hybrid. It is light in color and refreshing like a hefe with the hoppiness of an IPA. Spicy clove and fruity notes blend well with the bready malts and Noble hop aroma. Oscar is available in bottles only at the brewery on Saturdays and will likely be gone in 2 weeks or so. Draft is available in key markets throughout the east.

25 February 2011

Weyerbacher Oscar Release 3/26/2011

WeyerbacherOscarWe were the first to show you the new label for Weyerbacher’s Brewer’s Select OSCAR back in Dec…so I’m excited to report this news from Dan:



The latest in our Brewer's Select Series of one-offs, Oscar is a very hoppy Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and 6.2% abv. Oscar will be available in bottles only at the brewery during Saturday tour hours. Draft will be available in our best markets beginning immediately and over the next few weeks. Prost!
Dan Weyerbacher

04 February 2011

Weyerbacher Updates—More Brewers Select!

Weyerbacher PapaFrom Dan:

Heresy & Insanity Return!!
Releasing throughout the month of February to all markets and Saturday, February 5th at the brewery. Some markets have already received them. We have batches coming out all month long and even into March, just to meet the pre-order quantities placed by our wholesalers. So if your area doesn't have it right away, be patient and dream about those incredible bourbon barrels!

Fireside Ale is Back!
Because I'm late writing, you've probably already seen this in your market. However, some markets only just got it last week. Fireside, our slightly smoky ale is the perfect companion during this time of year. Mixes well with the sofa and the fireplace/woodstove, those winter time bonfires and especially after your polar bear plunge. Pick some up before its gone!

Some Words from Chris Wilson:
We have been brewing up a storm trying to keep up. It is the busiest time of year for us and we have all those stinkin' holidays that screw up scheduling. Don't worry, we'll catch up eventually. Of course, there is also bourbon in the air. It really does smell like bourbon, since we are putting Old Heathen into barrels today! Heresy and Insanity are both scheduled for release in early February as well.

I don't really believe in making resolutions. Isn't it better just to be "better" now rather than waiting until the New Year? That said, here are a few from the brew crew here at Weyerbacher:

1. We will make more Brewer's Select beers than ever before.
2. We will STOP making Imperial Pumpkin Ale!
3. We will release more Wild Ales (other than Riserva).
4. We will have more fun.
5. We will get better at what we do.
6. Just kidding about number two.

February will also be bringing Oscar to a bar near you. Oscar is going to be a 7% Hefeweizen/IPA hybrid or a "Hoppy Hefe". It should be cloudy and yellow in appearance, much like a typical German-Style Hefeweizen and it will be IPA-like in hop profile. We aim to keep the banana character to a minimum and accentuate the clove. The result should be a medium-bodied ale with a spicy clove character that blends well with the spicy side of the Hallertuaer and Saaz hop varieties. It should be delicious.

Here is a quick note on staffing. Dan Hitchcock has continued to gain responsibility and experience as a brewer, so we decided to promote him to Lead Brewer. Congratulations Dan!

Come see us on Facebook, Twitter and our site.

Adios Gatos y Gatitos,


Production Manager Chris Lampe:
I have mentioned in the newsletters that we "pop" and "stuff" the 6 and 4 packs by hand. While we are looking for machines to handle this, this is how they are done.