02 December 2010

Weyerbacher Blasphemy–Coming Back

From Dan:

Yes its true! After the last few years of receiving countless emails we've decided to bring Blaspemy back as a seasonal in May of next year. This time around it will be available only in the 750 ml cork and caged bottles. As you know, these bottles are capable of holding more pressure than 12 oz. bottles, and thus we can bottle condition to a higher carbonation level than normal, bringing Blasphemy that fantastic effervescence you associate with many of the bottle conditioned Belgian styles. Blasphemy is our QUAD aged in bourbon barrels. The number of emails we received on this discontinued brew has been phenomenal, and we just want to say: At Weyerbacher we hear you beer fans!

On a side note we have about 15 cs of Riserva left for purchase at the brewery during Saturday tours. But they won't last long. You heard it here first!
Dan Weyerbacher

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