14 October 2010

Weyerbacher News – 13 Oct 2010

From Weyerbacher:

Weyerbacher Update for October 13, 2010
Imperial Pumpkin takes Bronze! Just a few weeks ago at The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, your favorite pumpkin brew won the bronze! Brewer Dan Hitchcock was on hand to accept the medal and shake Charlie Papazian’s hand in the process. We’re thrilled our most popular seasonal has been recognized for greatness! We’ve finished shipping the pumpkin. In fact a lot of stores are sold out already. If you can still find it, snap it up fast.

Winter Ale is coming soon! We’re beginning shipments this week to wholesalers so that it reaches store shelves by the end of October.

Tiny will be back in early November in the 750 ml cork n cage bottles.

Lehigh Valley Brewfest this Saturday in Easton at Hugh Moore Park from Noon to 4. Dozens of beers and breweries and great food as well. For more details and tickets go to lvbrewfest.org.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
It’s October, finally, it’s time to have my first Pumpkin Ale! Ha ha ha…. I kid, I kid! As I mentioned last month, it’s time for “Mike”. The newest addition to the Brewer’s Select Series, Mike will be a Belgian Style Dubbel. I just had a sample off the tank and it is going to be awesome. It has a rich malty character and a somewhat surprising dryness. It is still fermenting, so we still have a little while to wait until we know what it will be like. It looks like it will be around 7.7% ABV and it will be bottle-conditioned. Delicious! We will also be brewing up this year’s QUAD this month. I promise to make vintage 2010 as good as ever. I would tell you what else is coming, but I have been told it’s Verboten. If you have a question, please check out our website, Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!!! These are your personal gateways to ask me any questions you have.

Production Manager Chris Lampe:
Continuing in the filtration vein I started last month, I thought I’d talk a little about why we have different filtering methods. For our lower ABV beers like Hops Infusion and Winter Ale, it is desirable to have the least amount of yeast possible in the finished product. Because of the way our filter works, that means that we must apply the DE with water. If we were to use regular water however, we would end up adding oxygen to the finished beer. Instead what we do is fill a small tank with hot water (which has very little dissolved oxygen) from the brewhouse and bubble CO2 through it over the weekend. This gives us deoxygenated water for applying DE before filtering the beer. Once filtered, we have very bright beer ready for carbonation and then bottling, without introducing oxygen.


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