04 March 2010

Weyerbacher Juliet

Weyerbacher A quick word out of Weyerbacher is that the Brewers Select Juliet will be a “Doppelsticke”---a strong German Alt style beer.  Stay tuned for details.

02 March 2010

Weyerbacher News – March 2010

From Dan:

Latest Release: Slam Dunkel is being shipped to your distributors who will begin delivering it by the end of this week. Look for it at your favorite retailer, bar and restaurant.

Next Scheduled Release: Look for Blanche next month – our wonderful and very drinkable wit beer. We feel it is one of the best wit beers in the market and outclasses most of the others, including Hoegaarden. Still in the stores: Heresy and Insanity are still in some stores and with the number of sixtels we shipped last month, you should also be finding it at your favorite watering hole. There is still a little Winter Ale in the market and possibly some Fireside.

Recipes: Dick and Barb tried the Fireside recipe last weekend – “Fireside Ale and Ancho Braised Short Ribs” - it was delicious and easy to make. We don’t have Mark’s recipe for Slam Dunkel yet, but he does recommend the following cheese pairings to go with Slam Dunkel – Parmigiano Reggiano drizzled with honey, Gruyer drizzled with honey and Dubliner with or without honey.

Comments from both Chris (es): Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: Hello all. I hope you all will make it out to the Visitor's Center for a taste (and a case) of Slam Dunkel this weekend or maybe you stopped by last week. Everybody should have a few Slam Dunkels to help them ride out these last few weeks of cold.  It has lingered this year, hasn't it?  Don't fret though, spring is on the horizon.  I wanted to say that Spring was "in the air", but they are predicting between 6 and 24 inches of snow as I type and it just didn't seem right... stupid groundhog!  Anyway spring brings Blanche to the brewery.  We will begin brewing Blanche within the next few days and will continue through March so that we can get it ready for April 1st release (no joke).  My first glass of Blanche seems to signal my brain that warm weather is coming and this year I'm looking forward to it more than ever.  In other brewing news, if everything goes to plan and we are not snowed out, we will have brewed our first batch of Fifteen by the time you read this.  It is going to be an incredibly complex Smoked Imperial Stout.  Yummy!  Also, keep an eye out for Juliette in April.  It's going to be a Doppelsticke or Imperial German Alt.  Check Beeradvocate for an idea of what it will be like at Beeradvocate Come see us at "The Brewer's Plate" on Sunday, March 14th at the Penn Museum. It is a great chance to try some awesome beers paired with food prepared by local Philly area restaurants.

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: The cellar crew here made it through the Insanity and Heresy season (speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the video of us taking Heresy out of oak you should check it out at YouTube.

The March offering, Slam Dunkel, is brewed and in the tanks and (mostly) in bottles and kegs. This is one of my favorite beers here at Weyerbacher and is a perfect March offering! Cheers!

Visitor Center: The Visitor Center has been “hopping”. Bill Bragg is revamping the tours a little and growlers are becoming more popular.

Other News: Stay tuned for Tiny

01 March 2010

Weyerbacher Zotten Has A New Name

weyerbacherzotten Word out of Weyerbacher today is that the new name for Zotten will simply be Verboten.  All sorts of funny ways to take this and funnier meanings it may take on, but in any case I like it and I’m already imagining the artwork for the label.