02 February 2010

Weyerbacher News – India & Brew Schedule

Weyerbacher Of course India needs to be a West Coast IPA…..also note the new Belgian Imperial Stout named Tiny!

From Dan:

Weyerbacher 2010 Release Schedule
January - Fireside Ale
Feb - Heresy & Insanity, both in 12 oz 4-packs this year
March- Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May 15- Zotten
May/June- Riserva 2010, depending on when conditioning completes
July - Fifteen
August - AutumnFest & Imperial Pumpkin
September - Harvest Ale w/fresh hops
October- Winter Ale
November – QUAD

Cork n Cage schedule:
March-Double Simcoe IPA
April - Tiny - new beer: Belgian Imperial Stout 12%
May- Riserva, dependant on conditioning
June- Double Simcoe IPA

Ongoing now year-round: Merry Monks cork n cage
Of course we'll have our Brewers Select Series of One-offs approx. every other month. First up is India in February. India is a west coast style IPA with heavy hops signature but not a lot of underlying malt.

Notes from Production Manager Chris Lampe:
We are into full Barrel season right now. Our Cellarmen Chris Reilly and Sean Anderson are madly bringing Insanity and Heresy out of barrels so that the bottles and kegs are ready for distribution next week. The Insanity is going to be particularly good this year as we have some extra special bourbon barrels to blend with. Production Supervisor Geoff Michalski, and cellarman Chris Reilly are constantly testing the Heresy as we decide how to blend it! Hope to see y’all out and about soon!

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