29 December 2010


Weyerbacher Papa

While we’re showing off newly approved labels…why not show off Weyerbacher Papa as well.  In addition to Oscar, these are the latest releases from the Weyerbacher Brewers Select Series…and again it seems to be 12oz bottles….stay tuned for details.


WeyerbacherOscarHere’s your absolute FIRST peek at the just approved Weyerbacher Oscar Brewers Select series latest release.  There are few clues as to the style. but it is interesting that t will be packaged in 12oz bottles instead of the traditional 750ml packaging.  Stay tuned for details.

08 December 2010

Weyerbacher - Dec News

WeyerbacherBlueLogoPay special attention to Bob Fauteux’s note!!

From Dan & Chris:

Visitor Center Holiday Hours:
Since Christmas falls on Saturday this year, our store will not be open before or during Christmas day. For New Years, we’ll open up Thursday, December 30th from 4 to 7 pm so you can pick up some brew for the party. We will also be open on Saturday, New Years Day from noon to 3. So come in and toast the New Year with us!

Of course, we're open all of the other Saturdays from noon to 3. Be sure to stop by this month and pick up some beer for your friends and some cool shirts and gifts as well.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
For those that have been cooped up inside for the last week, it's cold outside! It's time to break out some tasty beverages that will help you through the cold weather. You should already be seeing Winter Ale and QUAD on the shelves of your local beer store. Fifteen is out there as well. It is a great winter beer. Now would be a good time to get those while they last.

We will be brewing Fireside Ale this week for release in January. It is a nice malty brew that is brewed with a touch of smoked malt for an extra layer of complexity. It is the perfect complement to a rocking chair and a roaring fire. We are also brewing Old Heathen and Blithering Idiot for Heresy and Insanity for February release. We have added another fermenter to help alleviate the inventory issues and we have already ordered 2 more for 2011 (just the beginning). Well I’ve got to get back to work and make all this beer!

Happy Holidays!


Sales Manager Bob Fauteux:
Weyerbacher brews the house IPA, Big Ern's IPA, for the Pizzeria Uno chain of restaurants. Try it at Uno's Chicago Grille at these locations in New Jersey - Hamilton, Maple Shade and Deptford. In Pennsylvania check out these locations - Langhorne, Neshaminy, Warrington, Montgomeryville, Exton and Newtown Square.

A project that started early this year and came to fruition with Philadelphia Beer Week 2010. Weyerbacher and Uno’s (The Bock Group) teamed up to develop Big Ern’s IPA, which is only available at the above mentioned stores. Big Ern's is a 5.9% India Pale Ale with a very smooth, citrusy finish. If you're in the neighborhood of any one of their restaurant locations, be sure to stop in to try Big Ern's or any of the other Weyerbacher selections on tap! Don't just stop in for the beer, stick around for dinner from Uno's ever changing menu featuring deep dish pizza and much more. My favorite is still their deep dish with sausage. Have a great holiday and enjoy great beer!

Founder Dan Weirback:
2010 has been a fantastic year for our brewery. Sales growth of 20%, some more new equipment and a growing list of fans and supporters. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your business. 2011 will see us continue to expand our fermentation cellar and our selection of beers as well.

To you and yours, we raise a glass of Merry Monks' Ale and toast you. We wish you the best holiday season ever. Cheers!

Dan & Crew

Our Holiday Schedule:
Saturday, December 25 – The Visitor Center will be closed.
Thursday, December 30 – The Visitor Center will be open 4PM to 8PM. Sales and tastings only. We will not be conducting brewery tours.
Saturday, January 1 – The Visitor Center will be open 12 – 3 for tours, tastings and sales.

02 December 2010

Weyerbacher Blasphemy–Coming Back

From Dan:

Yes its true! After the last few years of receiving countless emails we've decided to bring Blaspemy back as a seasonal in May of next year. This time around it will be available only in the 750 ml cork and caged bottles. As you know, these bottles are capable of holding more pressure than 12 oz. bottles, and thus we can bottle condition to a higher carbonation level than normal, bringing Blasphemy that fantastic effervescence you associate with many of the bottle conditioned Belgian styles. Blasphemy is our QUAD aged in bourbon barrels. The number of emails we received on this discontinued brew has been phenomenal, and we just want to say: At Weyerbacher we hear you beer fans!

On a side note we have about 15 cs of Riserva left for purchase at the brewery during Saturday tours. But they won't last long. You heard it here first!
Dan Weyerbacher

15 November 2010

Weyerbacher Mike

WeyerbacherMikeThis was a great beer and one we really enjoyed trying on the Friday Beer Buzz a few weeks ago.  It was very cool to be the first people outside the brewery to sample it.  Thanks Chris!

Weyerbacher November

Just thought you’d want a sneak peek at the Weyerbacher Brewers Select November label. 


03 November 2010

Weyerbacher Riserva 2010

We broke the news a day or two ago on mybeerbuzz, but here’s the official word from Weyerbacher:


Riserva Release November 12, at a special time at the brewery, 5 to 7 pm. Also released that night will be Verboten (now year-round), the latest batch of Tiny and November, our latest one-off which is a Brown Imperial ale brewed with coffee. Free samples of these 4 beers only will be available that night and the store will be open for purchases, of course. If you can’t make it then, come by the next day from Noon to 3 and check it out.

This year Riserva is very sour, with a note of cider vinegar mixing with a significant berry palate. Carbonation is very low and won’t increase. Beer writer Lew Bryson was amazed at the depth and complexity of this year’s batch. We’re pretty excited about this! Hope to see you on the 12th!

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
I hope y’all made it to the Lehigh Valley Brewfest last month. We went through over 2 barrels of beer including the World Premiere of "Mike", which seemed to go over well. We had a great crowd and great October weather. I like the event out at Hugh Moore Park here in Easton, but I heard a rumor that the fest will move back downtown next year if everything works out. That sounds pretty cool too! It was a great success for Weyerbacher and for Equilibrium. You can find out more about this great organization at http://www.equi-librium.org. See ya there next year.

Right now we are brewin’ us up a nice Imperial Breakfast Brown Ale. It’s going to be a lovely malty brew made with locally roasted coffee, five different malts and a dose of oats to make sure you get a good start. It will be the latest in the Brewer's Select Series and will be called "November". Given its name we had to make sure that it was released in NOVEMBER. This explains the quick release right on the heels of "Mike". The base beer is in the fermenter and is tasting great right now. We have not added the coffee though, as we plan on utilizing a process called cold steeping to add the coffee flavor. This process is the preferred method in the making of iced coffee because it does not extract as much of the harsh, astringent bitterness from the coffee that you get from traditionally brewed versions. We hope this smooth coffee flavor will be complementary to the rich roasty, caramel and toffee flavors in the beer rather than overpower it. Get ready for a holiday treat.

We are also working hard to keep everything else brewed. We are well on our way in making this year's Winter Ale and this year's QUAD. Oh yeah, and we have to keep up with Hops Infusion, Double Simcoe, Merry Monks, Blithering Idiot and Old Heathen… and Verboten… and can you believe that we already have Fireside, Heresy and Insanity on the brain? It will only be another week or two before we have to start brewing those. I think it's time for a vacation. Luckily we will be getting a new fermenter in the next week or two so that we can keep up.

02 November 2010

Weyerbacher Riserva 2010 & Brewers Select November Hit the Streets & Verbotten becomes Year-Round

I’ve heard this from multiple sources and while it hasn’t been made official by Weyerbacher yet, it seems to be accurate.

Riserva 2010 will be released in a special event @ Weyerbacher’s tasting room on Friday Nov 12th 5-7PM.  I’m also hearing that Brewers Select November (an 8% ABV Imperial Nut Brown Ale w/local dark roast coffee) will be released as well.  As if that wasn't fun enough, Weyerbacher Tiny will be available at the event and the announcement will be made that Verbotten will become a year-round beverage.

26 October 2010

WILK Friday BeerBuzz – 15 Oct 2010 (Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale & MIKE)

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I’m not only a long time drinker of Weyerbacher beers, but a long time lover of their line of big beers.  Maybe it was the way their simple Hops Infusion spoke to me, maybe it was the way their barrel aged Insanity lingered on my tongue and in my mind or maybe it was even the smile I still remember on my face when they first premiered Double Simcoe at a beer festival…but whatever the case I am a huge fan.  Sure it helps that Brother BeerBuzz has lived 5-mins from both Weyerbacher brewery locations for many moons, and of course it helps that I like a big beer…but it’s more than that…quite simply Weyerbacher does beer the way I would do beer (if I could do beer).

imperial-pumpkin weyerbacher.jpgToday Chris Wilson, head brewer for Weyerbacher joined us in the studio to talk about the Easton, PA brewery and some of their beers.  It was VERY cool to get to try Brewer’s Reserve MIKE before it’s even released and a lot of fun sampling Imperial Pumpkin Ale with Chris.  I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin beers, BUT Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale has always been one I look forward to every year…hell we even drink it on the beach when we go on vacation every year.  Be sure to check out Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale for yourself AND watch for Brewers Reserve MIKE coming very soon.

FridayBeerbuzz15Oct2010 Great beers and a great show!…


to  Chris, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

15 October 2010

Weyerbacher Riserva 2010

From Dan: 

OK, here's the first official announcement I've put out. We've finally decided to release 2010 Riserva, likely in early to mid-November. I'll follow up with an exact date on the Beer Releases board here as soon as we know it.

We're currently waiting for neck tags to arrive, which we'll drape over the necks on the bottles with the following info printed:
Though its in the nature of a wild ale to be different each year, this years vintage is exceptionally different, and may not occur again. Riserva 2010 is a full fledged sour ale. Its tarter than ever, with notes of cider vinegar mingling with a more assertive raspberry palate than years past. The stronger acidity (tartness) of the beer has inhibited the bottle conditioning yeast, thus carbonation is scarce to low at best. But the beer is fantastic! Similar to what an Oud Bruin with raspberry might be like. Cheers!

We've been waiting months and the carbonation hasn't increased. Its about what you would call cask level carbonation. A pH test confimed its too low for the yeast to be active, they worked for a little while, but have been on siesta ever since June.

The thing is, if you like traditional sour ales, you'll love this beer! Just expect light carbonation. Its very full-bodied and full-flavored this year. I guess the third year of using the barrels has finally established a large enough microbe community.

Now you ask, "why might it not be like this again?". Good question. Answer is that every barrel is different. We had 38 barrels this year (52 gallons each) and we taste each one before we move it into the tank for bottling (I know, it is a tough job...). Five of the barrels were extraordinarily sour and the rest were just nicely sour. This is where many brewers (including traditional Belgians) decide whether or how to blend to produce the beer the way they want it to taste. We added these last 5 barrels one at a time and tasted the overall mix before adding the next one (yes, it is a great job!). We ended up adding all 5 barrels and thought this is the best Riserva yet.

You know the rest, too much tartness may lead to trouble carbonating.
So next year, we may only put in some of the extra sour barrels, keeping the pH where we need it to carbonate properly. Any sour barrels not added may be bottled as a different version, perhaps grand cru, of extraordinarily sour beer.

We agonized over the decision to release, but the beer tastes incredibly good. Love to hear any and all feedback right here. Thanks!

Dan Weyerbacher

14 October 2010

Weyerbacher News – 13 Oct 2010

From Weyerbacher:

Weyerbacher Update for October 13, 2010
Imperial Pumpkin takes Bronze! Just a few weeks ago at The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, your favorite pumpkin brew won the bronze! Brewer Dan Hitchcock was on hand to accept the medal and shake Charlie Papazian’s hand in the process. We’re thrilled our most popular seasonal has been recognized for greatness! We’ve finished shipping the pumpkin. In fact a lot of stores are sold out already. If you can still find it, snap it up fast.

Winter Ale is coming soon! We’re beginning shipments this week to wholesalers so that it reaches store shelves by the end of October.

Tiny will be back in early November in the 750 ml cork n cage bottles.

Lehigh Valley Brewfest this Saturday in Easton at Hugh Moore Park from Noon to 4. Dozens of beers and breweries and great food as well. For more details and tickets go to lvbrewfest.org.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
It’s October, finally, it’s time to have my first Pumpkin Ale! Ha ha ha…. I kid, I kid! As I mentioned last month, it’s time for “Mike”. The newest addition to the Brewer’s Select Series, Mike will be a Belgian Style Dubbel. I just had a sample off the tank and it is going to be awesome. It has a rich malty character and a somewhat surprising dryness. It is still fermenting, so we still have a little while to wait until we know what it will be like. It looks like it will be around 7.7% ABV and it will be bottle-conditioned. Delicious! We will also be brewing up this year’s QUAD this month. I promise to make vintage 2010 as good as ever. I would tell you what else is coming, but I have been told it’s Verboten. If you have a question, please check out our website, Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!!! These are your personal gateways to ask me any questions you have.

Production Manager Chris Lampe:
Continuing in the filtration vein I started last month, I thought I’d talk a little about why we have different filtering methods. For our lower ABV beers like Hops Infusion and Winter Ale, it is desirable to have the least amount of yeast possible in the finished product. Because of the way our filter works, that means that we must apply the DE with water. If we were to use regular water however, we would end up adding oxygen to the finished beer. Instead what we do is fill a small tank with hot water (which has very little dissolved oxygen) from the brewhouse and bubble CO2 through it over the weekend. This gives us deoxygenated water for applying DE before filtering the beer. Once filtered, we have very bright beer ready for carbonation and then bottling, without introducing oxygen.


Holiday Shopping
Don’t forget your favorite beer geek over the holidays. Weyerbacher.com can help you find the perfect gift in our online store of Weyerbacher wearables and glassware. Blithering Idiot t-shirts are always a hit! And don’t forget to treat yourself as well. Cheers!

16 September 2010

Weyerbacher News – 16 Sept 2010

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale is out in some markets, others will be getting it shortly. We had a great harvest this year on the hops! You can check out the video of harvest day on the home page of our website. And be sure to check out the beer soon, it won't last long!

Pumpkin Ale & AutumnFest have been flying off the shelves at most stores and we are having trouble supplying the demand. We'll keep shipping though if you'll keep drinking!

Lew Bryson will be at the brewery on Saturday, September 25th from Noon til 2:30 signing and selling copies of his latest, 4th Edition PA craft breweries book. Hope you can make it in.

Imperial Pumpkin Shirts are now available on our website store as well as some new hats and other great stuff!

From Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
While we have thoroughly enjoyed brewing batch after batch after batch of Imperial Pumpkin Ale, we are happy to get our creative juices flowing again with the Brewer's Select Series.  Things are a bit compacted with Mike being released a little late due to production of Pumpkin, Fest, etc. and with November needing to be released in, well, November (just seems right).  That means that within a few weeks you'll get the pleasure to try two new Brewer's Select beers!  Things could change, but here is the plan for now. Mike will be a Belgian Dubbel  and November will be a Coffee-Infused Brown Ale for the holidays.

05 August 2010

Weyerbacher News

Weyerbacher From Dan:


Weyerbacher Update - August 3, 2010
Dan Weirback: Imperial Pumpkin Ale is back!  Many markets have it already, others will be getting it soon.  Our last batches of Fifteen come out this month as well, so if it hasn’t made it to your area yet, it’ll be there soon.  Be sure to check out the news story on Weyerbacher Hops Farm on our website and also view the video we just posted on the home page of our hops crop, just filmed this weekend.  Harvest Ale is gonna be great this year!

Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: Hello All!  Well, I missed you last month.  I'll see if I can make up for the loss.  Even though we have been working hard brewing Imperial Pumpkin Ale and AutumnFest, we have still made time to keep up the Brewer's Select Series.  Lima is up next and no, we did not make a lima bean beer or anything inspired by the Peruvian capital city.  We made a relatively new style (new to GABF) called an "American-Style India Black Ale".  The name is pretty self explanatory, but you've already had a beer or two so I'll explain.  It is like taking a traditional IPA and adding dark malts which add color and a moderate roasty character.  It is still in the tank as I type, but we have added nearly 5.5 pounds of hops per barrel making this beer as sticky as any we have ever made.  It should end up being around 6.3% ABV and will tip the IBU scale at around 70.  <<<goose bumps>>> The new beers just get me excited.

On another note, if you have not checked out the new website, please do.  It is a "blog-style" site that makes it far easier for you to communicate with us.  If you have a question about a particular beer or just want to shout out how much you love it, go to the site, post it, and start a conversation!

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: I thought I’d talk a little bit about filtration this month and what it  involves. Mondays and Wednesdays are filtration days at Weyerbacher.  We use a 5 meter diatomaceous earth filter.  We start the day with washing and sanitizing the brite beer tanks and the filter.  We then begin the filtration process.  We use a number of different methods depending on the beer.  Our lower abv beers are filtered using what we call our standard filtration.  Higher abv beers get a “hyflow filtration” and finally there is a special filtration method for the beers that use our house abbey yeast (Merry Monks Ale and Quad).  At this time of year we are filtering 3 different beers a day using all of those methods.  This generally takes from 7:am till 1 or 2:pm depending on the types of beers and the level of difficulty.  Then it’s time to clean the filter and the fermentation vessels all of which takes another 3 hours to wind up the day at 4:pm.  I’ll be talking some more about filtration in the next few newsletters.

Visitor Center: Remember, we’re always open Saturdays from Noon to 3pm for free tours and tastings.  We also have many nice wearables and glassware for sale.  Of course, you can buy a mixed case of beer or a freshly filled growler of draft to go.

A Note on Verboten: At this time our management team is contemplating the possibility of making Verboten, our Belgian-style Pale Ale a year-round beer in 2011.   We’d like to get as much feedback on this as possible before we make the final decision.   Please write us through the website and let us know what you think. http://weyerbacher.com/contact-us/.


21 July 2010

Weyerbacher Lima!

Weyerbacher Just a quick note to let you know that Weyerbacher Lima (the next entry in their Brewers Select Series) will be and American-style India Black Ale….stay tuned for more release details.

06 July 2010

Weyerbacher Releasing Imperial Pumpkin Ale NOW

WeyerbacherImperialPumpkin From Dan:

Due to space constraints at the brewery (we're having a massive walk-in cooler installed right now) we are releasing Imperial Pumpkin a little earlier this year. Available this Saturday at the brewery during tour hours, and we'll be shipping it out to wholesalers beginning next week as well. Pumpkin is back!!
Dan Weyerbacher

08 June 2010

Coming Saturday (6/12) - Weyerbacher 15 (XV) & Kilo

weyerbacher From Dan:

Fifteen…Smoked Imperial Stout, 10.8%ABV, 80IBU This is a celebration of our fifteenth year making craft beer and it stands as an example of the bold flavorful beers that we have come to make. This is not a timid ale; it’s an intense, full-bodied smoke experience. Fifteen has a rich flavor profile balancing notes of dark roast, burnt toast, and spicy rye with a deep earthy aroma of smoke and wood.

Weyerbacher Kilo (Saison) will also be released on Saturday.

03 June 2010

Weyerbacher Kilo & Fifteen

From Weyerbacher:

Verboten is just arriving in many markets. This 5.9% Belgian-Style Pale Ale is the beer that writers Lew Bryson and Jack Curtain insist we go year-round with. Give it a try soon and let us know your thoughts.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
It is going to be exciting at the Visitors Center the next 2 weeks! Saturday (6/5 & 6/12 12pm-3pm). We will be making two special releases available to the public, one each week. They are the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the good and the evil, the session and the sipper. On one end we have Kilo, which is light in color and light in body. On the other side we have Fifteen, which is dark in color and full-bodied. Kilo is floral and spicy; Fifteen is earthy and smoky. Both are delicious and want to be in your belly! Please come out and join us for a taste and maybe a case.

Kilo will be released this Saturday, June 5.

Fifteen will be released the following Saturday, June 12.

Saison, 5.9% ABV, 30 IBU

Kilo is a summery Saison made with chamomile, coriander and grains of paradise. The spices, hops and yeast have formed a complex spicy pallet enhanced with a tart undertone. The sweet, floral aroma is filled with orange, Juicy Fruit and pepper let loose by lively carbonation. 5.9%, unfiltered and bottle-conditioned, Kilo is the perfect beer to break the summer heat. Enjoy! Recipe by Dan Hitchcock, Brewer with the special assistance of Jean Broillet, Brewer Iron Hill

Smoked Imperial Stout, 10.8% ABV, 80 IBU

This is a celebration of our fifteenth year making craft beer and it stands as an example of the bold flavorful beers that we have come to make. This is not a timid ale; it’s an intense, full-bodied smoke experience. Fifteen has a rich flavor profile balancing notes of dark roast, burnt toast and spicy rye with a deep earthy aroma of smoke and wood. This beer should age nicely and be a smoky treasure for many years. Recipe by Chris Wilson, Head Brewer and Dan Hitchcock, Brewer

Production Manager Chris Lampe:
While we had been planning on a June release of Riserva 2010, it looks as if it will have to wait a while. Dan has been chomping at the bit to have it available but as with the 2009 batch, the yeast has been a little slow in the natural fermentation.

Riserva (like Tiny, Merry Monks Ale and Double Simcoe Unfiltered IPA) is fully bottle conditioned. This means that we fill the bottles by hand when the beer is “still” or has little to no carbonation. We dose the beer with yeast and sugar just before bottling and then condition it in the warehouse until it has reached our target carbonation level (typically 3.5 to 4.5 volumes depending on the beer). It is a labor intensive process that takes 5 guys to do and averages around 45 cases per hour (as opposed to the larger machines that we use for our 12 oz bottles that average 280 cases per hour).

12 May 2010

Weyerbacher to Release Wild Sour Ale

From the Weyerbacher Blog:

If you have been to the brewery in recent weeks, you may have noticed a grey tarp covering something tucked along the back wall near our brewhouse.  What lies beneath?  It’s twelve oak barrels that we acquired from Chaddsford Winery, which is not surprisingly out of Chaddsford, PA.  I was told by the barrel manager that they were used for whites first followed by reds after the oak flavor had subsided.  Once that oak flavor had diminished a bit further, the barrels were retired.  That means they are available for sale to us.  Yeah!  I should note that even when a winery deems that a barrel has insufficient oak flavor, it can still give off a tremendous amount of oak flavor to a beer particularly over a few years of aging.  We received three different types of oak including 4 American Oak, 4 Hungarian Oak (pictured), and 4 French Oak.

Hungarian Oak

Hungarian Oak

Now we have some nice barrels. 

What to do?  What to do?  Could we make an American Wild Ale?  We have already done Riserva and we have ideas for more of these.  We looked at another few options and in the end decided to come with something without paying much attention to what others were doing.  This is not to say we came up with a completely new style, only that we would use some non-traditional malts to form a non-traditional sour ale.  We know that we are always building on the shoulders of giants.  So in addition to the pale base, we chose raw wheat, Melanoidin, and Sauer malts topped off with a kiss of CaraAroma.  The last three are fantastic malts from Weyermann.  We also decided we would do 100% barrel fermentation.

Barrels waiting to be filled

Barrels waiting to be filled

On August 27th we started our ambitious brew.  We decided that we would really like to accentuate the sour character, so we decided a sour mash would be in order.  We mashed-in that afternoon and allowed the mash to rest overnight where it would gain some acidity.  The next morning we heated up the mash and finished the brew.  The aroma of this brew was just incredible and unlike any one I have ever smelled.

Now it was time to fill the barrels.  We pitched a small amount of Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend into each barrel.  This yeast blend contains a wide variety of fermenting organisms including traditional brewer’s yeast, sherry yeast, Brettanomyces yeast and some lactic-acid producing bugs.  We then filled the barrels with our beautiful wort and prepared ourselves for the long wait.  It should be ready on 18 months to 2 years.

21 April 2010

Weyerbacher Launches New Website

WeyerbacherWeb Of course mybeerbuzz.com is ALWAYS the best place to check for local beer news ;) but just in case you decide to look around…Weyerbacher has launched their new website.  The new site is very blog-like and is a welcome update to their previous site.  Their pages now feature a Facebook badge, a twitter feed, a current events calendar and even a recent comments section so be sure to stop by and check it out.

04 March 2010

Weyerbacher Juliet

Weyerbacher A quick word out of Weyerbacher is that the Brewers Select Juliet will be a “Doppelsticke”---a strong German Alt style beer.  Stay tuned for details.

02 March 2010

Weyerbacher News – March 2010

From Dan:

Latest Release: Slam Dunkel is being shipped to your distributors who will begin delivering it by the end of this week. Look for it at your favorite retailer, bar and restaurant.

Next Scheduled Release: Look for Blanche next month – our wonderful and very drinkable wit beer. We feel it is one of the best wit beers in the market and outclasses most of the others, including Hoegaarden. Still in the stores: Heresy and Insanity are still in some stores and with the number of sixtels we shipped last month, you should also be finding it at your favorite watering hole. There is still a little Winter Ale in the market and possibly some Fireside.

Recipes: Dick and Barb tried the Fireside recipe last weekend – “Fireside Ale and Ancho Braised Short Ribs” - it was delicious and easy to make. We don’t have Mark’s recipe for Slam Dunkel yet, but he does recommend the following cheese pairings to go with Slam Dunkel – Parmigiano Reggiano drizzled with honey, Gruyer drizzled with honey and Dubliner with or without honey.

Comments from both Chris (es): Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: Hello all. I hope you all will make it out to the Visitor's Center for a taste (and a case) of Slam Dunkel this weekend or maybe you stopped by last week. Everybody should have a few Slam Dunkels to help them ride out these last few weeks of cold.  It has lingered this year, hasn't it?  Don't fret though, spring is on the horizon.  I wanted to say that Spring was "in the air", but they are predicting between 6 and 24 inches of snow as I type and it just didn't seem right... stupid groundhog!  Anyway spring brings Blanche to the brewery.  We will begin brewing Blanche within the next few days and will continue through March so that we can get it ready for April 1st release (no joke).  My first glass of Blanche seems to signal my brain that warm weather is coming and this year I'm looking forward to it more than ever.  In other brewing news, if everything goes to plan and we are not snowed out, we will have brewed our first batch of Fifteen by the time you read this.  It is going to be an incredibly complex Smoked Imperial Stout.  Yummy!  Also, keep an eye out for Juliette in April.  It's going to be a Doppelsticke or Imperial German Alt.  Check Beeradvocate for an idea of what it will be like at Beeradvocate Come see us at "The Brewer's Plate" on Sunday, March 14th at the Penn Museum. It is a great chance to try some awesome beers paired with food prepared by local Philly area restaurants.

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: The cellar crew here made it through the Insanity and Heresy season (speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the video of us taking Heresy out of oak you should check it out at YouTube.

The March offering, Slam Dunkel, is brewed and in the tanks and (mostly) in bottles and kegs. This is one of my favorite beers here at Weyerbacher and is a perfect March offering! Cheers!

Visitor Center: The Visitor Center has been “hopping”. Bill Bragg is revamping the tours a little and growlers are becoming more popular.

Other News: Stay tuned for Tiny

01 March 2010

Weyerbacher Zotten Has A New Name

weyerbacherzotten Word out of Weyerbacher today is that the new name for Zotten will simply be Verboten.  All sorts of funny ways to take this and funnier meanings it may take on, but in any case I like it and I’m already imagining the artwork for the label.

22 February 2010

Weyerbacher Zotten - Update

weyerbacherzotten I know we posted details on this a few days ago as the news was breaking but I thought I’d pass on the latest update.  Dan tells me they will be re-releasing Zotten under a new name (with “no jesters, fools of anything that would infringe on De Halve Maan’s trademark.”).  The beer will come out in May and the name they are leaning toward should be confirmed in a week or two.  They are also considering making it a year round beer so stay tuned.

If you’d like to check out the original press release and Dan’s comments on the beer naming…..

Original Press Release:
Press Release:
February 18, 2010
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Inc., a small artisanal brewery from Easton, Pennsylvania, has ceased production of its beer "Zotten" due to prior rights and US trademark of "Brugse Zot", a beer produced and commercialized by De Halve Maan, a brewery located in Bruges, Belgium.
We take this opportunity also to announce a recall of any and all Weyerbacher "Zotten" beer to the brewery within the next 30 days, for full refund from Weyerbacher.
Weyerbacher was unaware of the US trademark of De Halve Maan and had no intention to infringe on the rights of De Halve Maan. We are particularly respectful of the part of small Belgian breweries in the world beer scene and hereby officially apologize to the family owners of De Halve Maan.
Daniel A. Weirback, Presdient
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Inc.

Dan’s recent comments on BA:

The story of zotten is an historical account of an actual event that occurred several centuries ago in Bruge, Belgium. We felt that since it was historical it couldn't be protected, but we were obviously wrong and were not aware of the trademark. Keep in mind we're a tiny brewery with 8 employees, and we've only sold a grand total of 1500 cases of this beer. We're also very enamored with Belgium and its history and this was a beer and a story that's very close to our hearts. The name was actually given to us as part of a contest at one of our wholesalers, and zotten was the submitted name that we picked as winner of this private contest. Just trying to be completely open about it all.
Dan Weyerbacher

18 February 2010

Zotten Bye Bye

weyerbacherzotten I’ve been hearing from multiple sources over the last few days that Weyerbacher was being forced to remove Zotten from the shelves due to a potential copyright infringement with Bruges Brewery De Halve Maan and their Bruges Zot beer.  An agreement is now in place and Zotten will be gone from our shelves very soon…BUT watch for it to return under a new name….hopefully very soon.  Click HERE for a translated story courtesy of DeMorgen.be.

09 February 2010

Weyebacher Heresy 2010 Coming out of the Barrel

Here's a quick 2-minute video of the guys at Weyeracher transferring the 2010 Heresy out of the oak barrels.

Weyerbacher – India Release Sat (2/13)

weyerbacher Just a reminder that Weyerbacher will be releasing their Brewers Select series India beer this Saturday (2/13) at the brewery (1PM-3PM).  India is of course a west-coast IPA and really sounds good.  I’m looking forward to India, but keep in mind they are ONLY releasing 100 cases.

02 February 2010

Weyerbacher News – India & Brew Schedule

Weyerbacher Of course India needs to be a West Coast IPA…..also note the new Belgian Imperial Stout named Tiny!

From Dan:

Weyerbacher 2010 Release Schedule
January - Fireside Ale
Feb - Heresy & Insanity, both in 12 oz 4-packs this year
March- Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May 15- Zotten
May/June- Riserva 2010, depending on when conditioning completes
July - Fifteen
August - AutumnFest & Imperial Pumpkin
September - Harvest Ale w/fresh hops
October- Winter Ale
November – QUAD

Cork n Cage schedule:
March-Double Simcoe IPA
April - Tiny - new beer: Belgian Imperial Stout 12%
May- Riserva, dependant on conditioning
June- Double Simcoe IPA

Ongoing now year-round: Merry Monks cork n cage
Of course we'll have our Brewers Select Series of One-offs approx. every other month. First up is India in February. India is a west coast style IPA with heavy hops signature but not a lot of underlying malt.

Notes from Production Manager Chris Lampe:
We are into full Barrel season right now. Our Cellarmen Chris Reilly and Sean Anderson are madly bringing Insanity and Heresy out of barrels so that the bottles and kegs are ready for distribution next week. The Insanity is going to be particularly good this year as we have some extra special bourbon barrels to blend with. Production Supervisor Geoff Michalski, and cellarman Chris Reilly are constantly testing the Heresy as we decide how to blend it! Hope to see y’all out and about soon!

04 January 2010

Sitting by the Fireside with Weyerbacher

Here’s a little home video from Weyerbacher featuring Dan, Chris & Chris talking about the 2010 Fireside Ale.

Weyerbacher News – Fireside, India & New Website!

Weyerbacher From Dan:


Latest Release: Fireside Ale started shipping to our distributors today. Fireside is an intricate dark ale with a touch of smokiness. The rich malt flavor, crisp bitterness and smoke reach perfect equilibrium in this brew. Next Scheduled Release: Heresy and Insanity will come out during the month of February. Heresy is our outstanding Old Heathen aged in Bourbon barrels. Insanity is our Blithering Idiot aged in Bourbon barrels. Both take on complex and unique characteristics from the time spent in the Bourbon barrels.

Still in the stores: There might be a small amount of Winter Ale in stores and Quad might still be available. There are a couple of distributors who have not yet asked for their pre-order so some states may not have theirs yet. You should also be able to find Double Simcoe 750s and Merry Monks 750s (champagne style) in outlets catering to craft styles.

Comments from both Chris(es): Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: Happy New Year!  I started the New Year with a Riserva.  It just seemed to be more fitting, and flavorful, than champagne.   I hope you started this year with a nice beer as well.  Fireside is in the bottle (and keg)!  This beer is just so satisfyingly balanced and that smokiness is just captivating.  It is the perfect beer for a cold January day by the fireplace. Check out our fireside chat on YouTube We are busy planning our next beer in the Brewer’s Select Series, India.  We are going to do a West Coast Style IPA.  I am thinking 7 to 7.5% ABV and 70ish IBUs with a massive hop aroma.  We will probably release this one in mid-February.   Our plans are to brew a few more beers in the Brewer’s Select Series this year so keep your eyes on the website for what’s coming next.

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: We bottled a batch of the Merry Monks Ale Cork ‘n Cage earlier this month that I have now tested and deemed ready for release! Look for it in the stores soon. I’d also like to welcome Sean Anderson onto the cellarmen team as a full time employee. If you see him out and about at Tap and Table or next week at Crocodile Rock with his band Extranean, say hello!
Visitor Center: The VC is open every Saturday 12 – 3 for tasting and tours.

Other News: A new website is under construction – it will be exciting, easy to use and full of information. Expect it in the next 6 weeks or so. Check us out on Facebook. Become a friend!