21 October 2009

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale – Plaza Beverage

WeyerbacherHarvest In Mid Sept Weyerbacher announced that their 2009 Harvest Ale had been shipped to NEPA.  After a few weeks passed, and none of our mybeerbuzz members were listing it as a new beer, I started asking around.  Turns out only about 45 cases made it to our area, and after a few weeks of asking (Thanks Charlie), Plaza Beverage was finally able to get a VERY limited quantity.  I’ve yet to taste this years, but I’m hearing it’s real good….and yes the photo is the hatch of my car.

01 October 2009

Weyerbacher Golf

Weyerbacher The guys at Weyerbacher were kind enough to drop me a note on the next beer in the Brewers Select series, Weyerbacher Golf.  Scheduled to come out in time for the Lehigh Valley brew-fest celebration on Oct 17th, Golf is meant to celebrate the fall ‘fest style, but it’s made with wheat malt.  According to Chris its a Festeweizen.  They were also nice enough to tip me off on the likelihood that Hotel (the next brew in the series) will be a Porter, their Winter Ale has been bottled and that their Quad is in the tanks.  Consider my vote for Hotel to be a Baltic Porter guys!