22 April 2009

Weyerbacher Double-Simcoe - Special Edition (May 2009)

From Dan:

Released in mid-May will be a very special edition of Double Simcoe IPA. In 750ml corked 'n' caged bottles this will be and unfiltered, fully bottle conditioned version of the super popular Double Simcoe. Expect Cask taste in a bottle, with more pronounced hoppy flavor and aroma due to being unfiltered. Also, carbonation will be a bit higher as is usual in our cork n cage series in keeping with tradition. It all comes together to form a uniquely great experience for hopheads. We'll have a Friday night release date at the brewery sometime in mid-May where you can sample this brew and pick up a case if you like. Cases will also be shipped to our most enlightened wholesalers in most markets, but supplies are limited. We will have a total yield of somewhere over 500 cases on this Special Edition brew.