04 February 2009

Merry Monks Rated Top Belgian Trippel

From Dan:

The Ale Street News Feb/Mar 2009 edition, just getting to beer stores across the country right now conducted a blind panel tasting of Belgian style Trippels and Merry Monks’ was awarded 4 stars!

To put this is context, Westmalle Trippel was given 3.5 stars as was Victory Golden Monkey, and New Belgium’s Trippel. Some other notables from Belgium received only 3 stars as did Stone’s version.

We launched Merry Monks’ 10 years ago under the name Belgian Style Trippel originally and changed the name to Merry Monks’ in 2002. This is my personal favorite of all the beer styles we make and we take extra special care to make sure its bottle conditioned at the brewery before shipping out to market. If you’re lucky enough to find the cork ‘n’ cage edition of this beauty (released only a few times a year), you’ll experience and even higher effervescence than the 12 oz. version as the big corked bottles are able to withstand higher internal pressures, hence we are able to fully bottle condition to a higher level of carbonation.

Merry Monks has become one of our flagship beers growing about 30% each year in sales. Arguably this may be our best beer and we’re very proud to have received recognition of this level.

Thanks Ale Street News!

Dan Weyerbacher and our fantastic brew team.

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