07 December 2009

Weyerbacher Releases Hotel

From Dan:

Weyerbacher proudly announces the release of our latest in the Brewers' Select Series: Hotel. Hotel is an Imperial Porter of 8.2% strength, brewed with ale yeast (so its not a Baltic Porter, technically). Silky smooth and nicely balanced, this beer can only be found in bottles at the brewery on Saturdays, beginning December 12, as long as supplies last. We have just over 60 cases and don't expect them to last more than 2 or 3 weeks.
In draft, we filled 65 half kegs which will be going to markets in PA, OH, MD, MA, and FL.
Dan Weyerbacher

29 November 2009

Weyerbacher Hotel - Now Shipping

Weyerbacher Dan has confirmed that the next release in the Weyerbacher Brewers Select Series, Hotel will be shipping in kegs and bottles this week.  Hotel is a strong baltic-style Imperial Porter and clocks in at around 8.4% ABV.  Dan also tells me that the second release of caged Double Simcoe has hit the streets and they are brewing the final batch of Winter Ale today.

25 November 2009

Weyerbacher – Bourbon Barrels

Dan tells me they just purchased 160 bourbon barrels to use for Heresy and Insanity, due to be released in Feb.

20 November 2009

Weyerbacher Repairs & Avatar

WeyerbacherTwitterThe bad news is that Weyerbacher is currently working to repair an equipment problem.  If all goes well the WP will be repaired and they will be back to brewing on Monday.

The good news is that Weyerbacher is currently using my photo of a caged Double Simcoe bottle in the sand at the beach as their Twitter Avatar.  Check it out!

Weyerbacher Beer Releases

From Dan:

Latest Release: Quad 11.9% ABV. Belgian abbey-style quadruppel ale. Quad was the only US beer to make the top 10 in the New York Times panel tasting of Belgian style brews in 2005. Notes of date, fig and malt intrigue the palate with just enough hops to balance things out. Ages to perfection in 6 to 12 months.

Next Scheduled Release: Fireside Ale in January. An intricate dark ale with a touch of smokiness. The rich malt flavor, crisp bitterness and smoke reach perfect equilibrium in this brew.

Still in the stores: Winter Ale is plentiful in most stores but is moving fast. Grab your cases soon. If you look hard and are lucky you may also still find some pumpkin.

Recipes:, Mark Myers, a chef at Wegmans, is developing recipes featuring our products. Rib Roast with Caramelized Onion and Winter Ale Au Jus is on our web site and sounds delicious. You will also find other recipes such as for Bigos (Polish Pork Stew) and Pumpkin and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta made with Pumpkin Ale. As soon as we have the Quad recipe we will post it on the web site.

Comments from both Chris (es):
Chris Wilson and Chris Lampe are responsible for producing all of our wonderful beers. Chris Wilson, Head Brewer develops all of our recipes. He and Dan Hitchcock brew to very tight standards. Chris Lampe and his crew cellar and package our beer. Chris watches all of the cellaring activities closely to ensure you buy quality products.

Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: We have installed a new 40bbl whirlpool which allows us to utilize our 40bbl boiling kettle to its maximum and doubles the volume of a single brew. Installation was not a simple endeavor, but with the help of some excellent riggers and welders it went as smoothly as possible.  Make time for a visit so that you can see our new equipment.  It looks like a new building..

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: We have also been busy installing new equipment. A new 40bbl Bright Tank came in with the Whirlpool and is in place thanks to the diligent efforts of Geoff Michalski, Production Supervisor and Plumber Extraordinaire. On top of that we were able to install a number of pallet racks which (as Chris mentioned) make it look like a brand new building. Check the website in the near future for photos of all of the new equipment.

Visitor Center: , The VC is open every Saturday 12 – 3 for tasting and tours. We will be open 12-26-09 and 1-2-10. We always have every style currently available for tasting and if Chris Wilson has brewed anything special that will also generally be available. Hotel, the last 2009 one off will be bottled (for the VC only) this week.
Other News: In PA our Big Beer Variety Pack is available at most distributors. It is a great case containing 6 each of Double Simcoe, Merry Monks, Blithering Idiot and Old Heathen. Look for them at your favorite distributor. For those of you outside of PA you have the luxury of being able to mix and match. These styles complement one another.

21 October 2009

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale – Plaza Beverage

WeyerbacherHarvest In Mid Sept Weyerbacher announced that their 2009 Harvest Ale had been shipped to NEPA.  After a few weeks passed, and none of our mybeerbuzz members were listing it as a new beer, I started asking around.  Turns out only about 45 cases made it to our area, and after a few weeks of asking (Thanks Charlie), Plaza Beverage was finally able to get a VERY limited quantity.  I’ve yet to taste this years, but I’m hearing it’s real good….and yes the photo is the hatch of my car.

01 October 2009

Weyerbacher Golf

Weyerbacher The guys at Weyerbacher were kind enough to drop me a note on the next beer in the Brewers Select series, Weyerbacher Golf.  Scheduled to come out in time for the Lehigh Valley brew-fest celebration on Oct 17th, Golf is meant to celebrate the fall ‘fest style, but it’s made with wheat malt.  According to Chris its a Festeweizen.  They were also nice enough to tip me off on the likelihood that Hotel (the next brew in the series) will be a Porter, their Winter Ale has been bottled and that their Quad is in the tanks.  Consider my vote for Hotel to be a Baltic Porter guys!

26 August 2009

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale

WeyerbacherI’ve just heard from Dan and they just completed the harvest of their hops and they will be brewing their Harvest Ale this week.  This should be ready in a few weeks and hit our outlets in Mid Sept.  He also tells me they are brewing a larger batch this year so it should be easier to find.

17 July 2009

Weyerbacher Event – Reserva Release & Dark 14

weyerbacher From Dan:

Friday night August 7th from 5 to 7:30 p.m. stop by the brewery for a tasting and/or purchase of Riserva 2009.  We'll have 120 cases for sale and they may all go that night.  Same price as last year, $145 for a case of 12 cork ‘n’ cage 750mls.  This years edition is deeper and more complex than last years.  Reusing many of the same barrels from last year's version has allowed the micro-flora to flourish in those barrels resulting in this much greater complexity.  To be assured a chance to purchase, you'll need to stop by that evening. Any cases left will be available for purchase the next day during regular tour hours, (if any remains).
      We will be shipping about 150 cases to specific wholesalers the following week.  Follow us on twitter for updates on the shipments as they go out.
      Additionally at this event we'll present a special dark version of 14 that we've brewed for sale at the brewery only.  This 11.8% wheat wine is incredibly smooth for as young as it is.  We used dark wheat malt for the special version of this brew instead of regular wheat malt.  Hope to see you here!

07 July 2009

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale – Already!

WeyerbacherImperialPumpkin I just heard from Dan @ Weyerbacher and he tells me they just finished the mash for a 2nd batch of Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Hard to believe this tasty beer has to start in July in order for all of us to enjoy it in the fall.  Dan tells me they’ll be shipping in a few weeks so the beer will reach stores in late Aug.

26 June 2009

Weyerbacher XIV

From Dan:

Weyerbacher Update

June 24, 2009

Fourteen Release this Saturday! Stop by our Visitors Center, this Saturday to sample or purchase our 14th Anniversary Ale! Fourteen is wheat wine, 11.8% abv, amber in color, and silky smooth. Although any beer this strength can be cellared for a time, this beer is great right now. Stop in and check it out between Noon and 3p.m.

Unfiltered Double Simcoe is garnering impressive reviews on the net and generating tremendous consumer feedback for the brewery. We’re thrilled with the response and will be making more for mid-July release.

Riserva is Aging, now in bottles, we’re waiting for the conditioning process to complete. Best guess for release right now is mid-July or August. We’ll have a special Friday night release at the brewery when this baby’s ready.

Foxtrot has been selling well and has an A- average on Beer Advocate. There are only about 20 cs left, so be sure to stop by Saturday and pick up some before its gone.Visitor Center will be closed July 4th.

28 May 2009

Weyerbacher Zotten - Belgian Pale Ale

From Weyerbacher:
May 27, 2009

Weyerbacher Brewing Company, a small craft brewery in Easton, PA announces the release of Zotten, a Belgian-style Pale Ale and a brand new addition to our seasonal line-up, debuting in June.
Zotten (rhymes with verboten) is bottle conditioned, with a small amount of yeast sediment and carries the distinctive flavors of the house abbey yeast strain that Weyerbacher uses for its Merry Monks' Ale. At 6% abv, this is one tasty session beer. With a dry hoppiness for balance and fruity notes on the palate the bottle conditioning finishes this beer with a very nice complexity.
Available on draft on June 3, 2009 simultaneously at over 40 different bars in various states. Bottles available in 12 oz. 4-packs will be shipped to wholesalers across Weyerbacher's market area at the same time. Head brewer Chris Wilson says, "This is a very significant release for us as well as the beer community out there. Here we have a very "sessionable" beer that has significant flavor, complexity and hops to satisfy the most discriminating palate, and its perfect for this time of year as."
In the Lehigh Valley, PA, Weyerbacher's home, Zotten will debut on draft at Pearly Bakers' Ale House, Porters' Pub, Starters Riverport, Liberty Street Tavern, Tally Ho, Blue Monkey and Bear Creek.
In the Philly region the following pubs will be pouring Zotten: Craft Ale House, Theresa's, TJ's, Capone's, Spinnerstown, Ortino's, The Belgian Café, South Philly Tap Room, Johnny Brenda's, Standard Tap, Grey Lodge, Brigid's, Hulmeville Inn, Old Eagle Tavern and Race Street Café.
In Baltimore the following pubs will be pouring Zotten: Max's, Mahaffeys, Jack's Bistro, Lures, Racers, Alonzo's and Frisco's.
In Washington, DC: Brickskeller, RFD and Pizza Paradiso M Street
In Pittsburgh, all 4 Sharpe Edge pubs with be pouring Zotten.
Weyerbacher, which bills itself as an "artisanal" brewery makes over 2 dozen different styles of beer throughout the year with such names as Blithering Idiot, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and Slam Dunkel to name a few. Brewing 5500 barrels in 2008, Weyerbacher is expecting growth of 15-20% in 2009. President & Founder Dan Weirback stated, " We prefer to grow organically, through word of mouth. We do extremely little advertising as we prefer to put our resources into developing and brewing great beers and providing a meaningful career choice for our fantastic staff."
Zotten, which is Flemish for "fools", fits right into the Weyerbacher stable with its jester's cap icon. The name originates from a time several hundred years ago when an Austrian king, visiting Brugge, Belgium witnessed a parade through town to honor him. Many were dressed as court jesters and king was heard to say, "Brugge is a town full of zotten".
Zotten release in draft and bottles is June 3 everywhere Weyerbacher is sold.

13 May 2009

Weyerbacher Zotten - Belgian Pale Ale

Dan tells me that Weyerbacher Zotten, their new Belgian Pale Ale is being bottled today at the brewery with an anticipated release date of June 3rd. Stay tuned for an update on where you can find it.

06 May 2009

Weyerbacher Special Event @ the brewery 15 May

From Dan:

Friday night, May 15th, from 5pm to 7pm at the brewery, we’ll have a special tasting and sales event on a couple of new products. Our brewers will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

First up is our Special Edition, Unfiltered, Fully Bottle-Conditioned Double Simcoe IPA in 750ml Cork n Cage bottles. Samples will be available for tasting and cases for purchase. Price will be $59 for case of 12, plus tax.

Also debuting at this event is Foxtrot, the latest in our Brewers’ Select series of one-off beers. This dark-amber Biere de Garde is the creation of brewer Dan Hitchcock. Tasting samples and bottles for purchase will be on hand.

Additionally, we’ll have cases of our Merry Monks Cork n Cage 750s at $59 per case and samples of the same as well. If you haven’t experienced the Merry Monks in this package, you don’t know what your missing, so show up and savor some!

A few other surprise tastes will be on hand as well, and for those who can’t make it out Friday night, we will have some remaining inventory available the following day during regular tour hours. Cheers!

22 April 2009

Weyerbacher Double-Simcoe - Special Edition (May 2009)

From Dan:

Released in mid-May will be a very special edition of Double Simcoe IPA. In 750ml corked 'n' caged bottles this will be and unfiltered, fully bottle conditioned version of the super popular Double Simcoe. Expect Cask taste in a bottle, with more pronounced hoppy flavor and aroma due to being unfiltered. Also, carbonation will be a bit higher as is usual in our cork n cage series in keeping with tradition. It all comes together to form a uniquely great experience for hopheads. We'll have a Friday night release date at the brewery sometime in mid-May where you can sample this brew and pick up a case if you like. Cases will also be shipped to our most enlightened wholesalers in most markets, but supplies are limited. We will have a total yield of somewhere over 500 cases on this Special Edition brew.

18 March 2009

Weyerbacher - Slam Dunkel out NOW

From Dan:

Our Double Dunkel-Weizen is back! This time in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles in all markets. This unfiltered 7% abv ale has been recognized on internet beer boards as one of the best U.S. examples of a German-style wheat brew. Hearty and dark, with fruity notes from the Weihenstephaner yeast strain make this beer unforgettable, and perfect for this time of year. Supplies are limited.

26 February 2009

Weyerbacher Echo to be Release This Sat (2/28)

From Dan:

The latest entry in our Brewer's Select series of one-off brews, Echo will be released in bottles at our Visitor's Center at the brewery this Saturday February 28. Only about 50 cs total are available. Echo in draft form is currently being shipped to wholesalers in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and Florida. We have timed the release of Echo draft to coincide with Philly Beer Week. We will be attending more than 15 events throughout the city and suburbs, and plan to feature Echo at most of them.Echo is a "Rye-PA" at 6.8%, brewed with pale, crystal, carapils, and 30% rye malts, bittered to 60 IBUs, and late-hopped with Simcoe and Centennial Hops. This dark-copper ale combines the citrus kick of the hops with the spicy flavor that comes from using 30% rye. This winter IPA will help you bridge the gap between now and Spring.Cheers!

05 February 2009

Weyerbacher to Release Echo March 7th

From Chris Wilson:

This is our upcoming release in the Brewer’s Select Series.

The beer should be available in the Visitor’s Center on Saturday, March 7th.

Echo - “A Deep-Copper Rye-PA”

We have timed the release of Echo to coincide with Philly Craft Beer Week (3/6-3/15). We will be taking part in events nearly every night throughout the Philadelphia Area, including the suburbs, and plan to feature Echo at most of them. Keep an eye on the website for a full list of events. You also have a chance to find it in Maryland, Western PA, Boston, NYC and parts of Florida. A very limited amount of 12oz. bottles will be available at our Visitor’s Center as well.

It will be a 6.8%, 60IBU IPA, brewed with pale, crystal, carapils, and 30% rye along with a good dose of Simcoe and Centennial hops. This deep-copper ale combines the citrus kick of the hops with the spicy twang that comes from 30% rye malt. It is a Winter IPA to bridge the gap between now and Spring.

04 February 2009

Merry Monks Rated Top Belgian Trippel

From Dan:

The Ale Street News Feb/Mar 2009 edition, just getting to beer stores across the country right now conducted a blind panel tasting of Belgian style Trippels and Merry Monks’ was awarded 4 stars!

To put this is context, Westmalle Trippel was given 3.5 stars as was Victory Golden Monkey, and New Belgium’s Trippel. Some other notables from Belgium received only 3 stars as did Stone’s version.

We launched Merry Monks’ 10 years ago under the name Belgian Style Trippel originally and changed the name to Merry Monks’ in 2002. This is my personal favorite of all the beer styles we make and we take extra special care to make sure its bottle conditioned at the brewery before shipping out to market. If you’re lucky enough to find the cork ‘n’ cage edition of this beauty (released only a few times a year), you’ll experience and even higher effervescence than the 12 oz. version as the big corked bottles are able to withstand higher internal pressures, hence we are able to fully bottle condition to a higher level of carbonation.

Merry Monks has become one of our flagship beers growing about 30% each year in sales. Arguably this may be our best beer and we’re very proud to have received recognition of this level.

Thanks Ale Street News!

Dan Weyerbacher and our fantastic brew team.

21 January 2009

Weyerbacher Seasonal Beer Schedule for 2009

From Dan Weirback:

January - Fireside Ale
February - Heresy & Insanity
March - Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May - Muse & Riserva (lots more Riserva this year!
June - Belgian Pale Ale (another new brew!)
July - Fourteen
August - AutumnFest & Imp. Pumpkin Ale
September - Harvest Ale (wet hopped) to all areas this year!
October - Winter Ale
November - QUAD
December - T.B.A.

Weyerbacher Fireside Ale Label

Just thought you'd want a peek at the new Weyerbacher Fireside Ale (aka Charlie) label.

08 January 2009

Weyerbacher Releases Fireside Ale (aka Charlie)

From Weyerbacher:

Fireside Ale Released! Our newest seasonal has just begun shipping out this week. Fireside Ale was first released as Charlie, back in September, as one in our series of Brewer Select experimental beers. This beer is so good and so unique we just had to add it as a seasonal for January each year. Fireside is a Dark Ale at 7.5%abv, with just an intriguing hint of smokiness. Not a rauchbier by any means, head brewer Chris Wilson uses 10% smoked malt in this recipe to give it a little nuance and complexity. It’s the perfect brew for a cold winter’s night. Bottles and kegs available to all areas.

January - Fireside Ale (used to be Charlie)
February - Heresy & Insanity
March - Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May - Muse & Riserva
June - Belgian Pale Ale (a NEW Brew)
July - Fourteen
August - AutumnFest & Imp. Pumpkin Ale
September - Harvest Ale (wet hopped) to all areas this year!
October - Winter Ale
November - QUAD
December - T.B.A.

07 January 2009

Weyerbacher Brewing Company - No 2009 Price increases !

From Weyerbacher:

No price increases for Weyerbacher in 2009! (1/2/09)Happy New Year Beer Fans! Though our costs for Hops and Malt have not decreased we have experienced increasing costs in cardboard and glass, all packaging went up in '08 as a matter of fact. However, due to our increase in the volume of business we are able to hold the line on prices for 2009. No increases whatsoever for any of our beer prices. We hope this starts your new year off right. Cheers!