26 November 2008

Cork 'n Cage Merry Monks Released

From Weyerbacher:

The return of Merry Monks' in the 750ml bottle has begun again! Brewed to the same recipe as our 12 oz. Merry Monks', but completely bottle conditioned and thus carbonated to a much higher level. The liveliness is similar to that of champagne, and different subtle flavors emerge from the yeast activity in this process. A definite treat for the holidays, or any time you feel you deserve a little reward (and who doesn't nowadays!). Shipments began last week and most areas will have received theirs by the first week in December. So, pop the cork and celebrate! Don't forget New Year's Eve! Who needs champagne anyway.

Open for tours, Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/24/08)Yes, we'll definitely be here from Noon to 3, so stop buy & pick up some fresh, local brew!

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