17 October 2008

Weyerbacher Releases Charlie 10/18 - Brewers Select

Weyerbacher is releasing their special "Charlie" Brewers Select Series beer this Saturday (10/18) at the brewery. This is a REALLY limited beer (only 25 cases) so it won't last long...in fact it probably won't last the day. This is the third in the Brewers Select series (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) so we assume Delta is next?

Charlie Details courtesy of Weyerbacher:

Charlie is a beautiful, hefty brown ale at 7.4% ABV and about 10% smoked malt for a very intriguing, pleasant, flavorful beer. We’re not talking in your face “smoked ham” here, just a nice light touch (more than a nuance) that makes this beer very beguiling.

08 October 2008

Weyerbacher - Winter Ale Now Available

Weyerbacher has released their seasonal Winter Ale...now available at the brewery.