29 May 2008

Weyerbacher News

Slam Dunkel will be released June 7th (7% Dunlek Weiss) In bottles & Kegs.

Weyerbacher is now shipping to Florida: Brand registration is now complete in the state and we'll be shipping the first large order of Weyerbacher to Florida tomorrow. Micro Man Distributing in Oldsmar will cover the entire state from its somewhat central location. Their phone # is 727-736-2700. If you want your favorite craft brew store or pub to carry us, let them know who the wholesaler is and the phone number. Shipped on this order are cases of: Hops Infusion, Merry Monks, Old Heathen, Double Simcoe IPA, Blithering Idiot, Muse, and Blanche. Draft shipped: Hops Infusion, Merry Monks, Double Simcoe, & Blithering Idiot. Distribution is expected to begin Monday June 2nd.

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