30 April 2008

Weyerbacher Goes Green

Press Release from Weyerbacher:

We've been working on putting this together over the last month or two and have finally formalized our efforts. We've created a green team within the brewery to seek out and enact a constantly more environmentally friendly, energy conserving, and sustainable business here at Weyerbacher. We've decided our first major project will be solar hot water heating for at least 50% of our brewing needs by the end of the summer. As we progress we'll post pix and more info on this site. We'll also be examining ways to create less waste in all areas such as trash, recycling, energy use in general, and most importantly, wasted beer! These efforts will be ongoing and we'll be reporting the results right here. We also expect by years end to power some of our lighting in the brewery with solar energy panels. The time has come for all businesses to step up and adopt sustainable business practices and Weyerbacher is now on that path.

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