17 December 2008

Weyerbacher to Release 50 cases MORE of Delta 12/21

From Weyerbacher:

This Saturday, the 20th, we'll release another 50 cases of Delta that were held back due to a miscommunication on our part. These are the last 50 cases, so if you missed it 2 weeks ago, you're not too late! Stop by this Saturday anytime from noon to 3 to pick up yours. Cheers!

03 December 2008

Weyerbacher Releases Delta 12/6 - Brewers Select

From Dan Weirback:

The latest in our Brewer's Select series, Delta is a Spiced Stout at 7.5% abv, brewed with fresh Ginger Root and Cinnamon. Head brewer Chris Wilson's newest creation is perfect for the holiday season. As with all of our one-offs, cases will only be available at the brewery during Saturday tour hours, from Noon to 3. On December 6, we'll start the day with over 90 cases of this unique brew, but it could sell out the same day so be sure to stop by. Tastes will be available on this brew.Kegs will be available on Delta in the Phila, Pittsburgh and Baltimore markets only. Be sure to shoot us an e-mail and let us know what you think.

26 November 2008

Cork 'n Cage Merry Monks Released

From Weyerbacher:

The return of Merry Monks' in the 750ml bottle has begun again! Brewed to the same recipe as our 12 oz. Merry Monks', but completely bottle conditioned and thus carbonated to a much higher level. The liveliness is similar to that of champagne, and different subtle flavors emerge from the yeast activity in this process. A definite treat for the holidays, or any time you feel you deserve a little reward (and who doesn't nowadays!). Shipments began last week and most areas will have received theirs by the first week in December. So, pop the cork and celebrate! Don't forget New Year's Eve! Who needs champagne anyway.

Open for tours, Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/24/08)Yes, we'll definitely be here from Noon to 3, so stop buy & pick up some fresh, local brew!

19 November 2008

Weyerbacher Hops Farming Adventure

From Weyerbacher:

Here's a link to a video that covers our hops growing project at different stages as well as a few others, too. This video was filmed, directed and produced by Jeff Linkous, a former AP reporter who now resides in NJ and does freelance work. He maintains a blog named beerstainedletter.blog.com which her originally produced this video for. Jeff has done a magnificent job and has granted us permission to post this link here. Enjoy!

Clicky Here

12 November 2008

Weyerbacher Charlie to Become Seasonal - Fireside Ale

From Weyerbacher:

Charlie to become a Seasonal in January '09 (11/07/08)We've been ecstatic over our latest one-off beer named Charlie, an intriguing dark ale with 10% smoked malt. Feedback from industry insiders and the reviews on Beer Advocate have convinced us that we need to add this beer to our seasonal lineup. So, beginning in January Charlie will be renamed Fireside Ale, and will be available in 12 oz. bottles as well as draft in all areas that carry Weyerbacher! Charlie is on draft right now in select locations in Massachusetts, New York City, and the Philadelphia region. Be sure to give it a taste if you see it listed, and let us know what you think.

06 November 2008

Weyerbacher Releases Quad Earyl!

From Weyerbacher:

Weyerbacher Quad: Now released Nov/Dec in time for Holidays! (10/30/08)That's right, our fantastic abbey style quadruppel will no longer come out in February, but will be available in all markets through November and December. QUAD is perfect for those holiday occaisions or gifts. Watch for it soon, we begin shipping the first week in November and continue throughout the month. This will be a permanent schedule change. We'll have a complete listing of 2009's new seasonal schedule posted here in a few more weeks. Next years schedule includes 3 new beers! Check back often for details.

17 October 2008

Weyerbacher Releases Charlie 10/18 - Brewers Select

Weyerbacher is releasing their special "Charlie" Brewers Select Series beer this Saturday (10/18) at the brewery. This is a REALLY limited beer (only 25 cases) so it won't last long...in fact it probably won't last the day. This is the third in the Brewers Select series (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) so we assume Delta is next?

Charlie Details courtesy of Weyerbacher:

Charlie is a beautiful, hefty brown ale at 7.4% ABV and about 10% smoked malt for a very intriguing, pleasant, flavorful beer. We’re not talking in your face “smoked ham” here, just a nice light touch (more than a nuance) that makes this beer very beguiling.

08 October 2008

Weyerbacher - Winter Ale Now Available

Weyerbacher has released their seasonal Winter Ale...now available at the brewery.

03 September 2008

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale Available Soon

From Weyerbacher:

Brewed with Fresh "Wet" hops grown on our own Hops farm in Lehigh County, PA, this 6% IPA is so fragrant and flavorful with bright, fresh hops notes you've got to taste it to understand it. We planted 1500 hops plants on our farm this year and harvested just enough hops to brew 3 batches of Harvest Ale, which will be released the week of September 8th in PA only. Next year we expect a 5 to 10 fold increase in the harvest and will be able to make a lot more beer and thus ship it out to all markets, not just PA. These Harvest Ales, as they come to be known, are a somewhat new style in recents years, mostly produced by west coast breweries, as they were the only ones that could get fresh hops direct from the farms quickly enough to avoid spoilage. Also called wet-hopped beers because the hops are not dried prior to using as they normally would be. To understand the significance of this, think of fresh basil leaves on a fantastic dish compared to dried basil on the same dish, and you'll have an idea how different and unique a beer brewed with fresh hops is. Limited quantities, about 500 cs and 40 1/2 kegs, all PA wholesalers will be offered some over the next week or two.

Weyerbacher Bravo Brewers Select Available

From Weyerbacher:

The latest entry in our Brewer's Select series after a wonderful response on Alpha back in June. Bravo is a Red Wheat Ale clocking in at 6.4% abv. Fermented with American Ale yeast and filtered as well, this uniquely designed wheat beer is slightly nutty on the palate and clean in the finish, a perfect beer for this time of year. Draft went to Phila and Pittsburgh wholesalers only, about 40 cases will be sold at the brewery on Saturdays only beginning August 30.

10 June 2008

Weyerbacher Releases Slam Dunkel

From Weyerbacher:

Slam Dunkel has been release and is available at the Visitor's Center. This is the 7% Dunkel Weiss the brewers released last summer as a 'keg-only' release, this year bottles as well.

29 May 2008

Weyerbacher News

Slam Dunkel will be released June 7th (7% Dunlek Weiss) In bottles & Kegs.

Weyerbacher is now shipping to Florida: Brand registration is now complete in the state and we'll be shipping the first large order of Weyerbacher to Florida tomorrow. Micro Man Distributing in Oldsmar will cover the entire state from its somewhat central location. Their phone # is 727-736-2700. If you want your favorite craft brew store or pub to carry us, let them know who the wholesaler is and the phone number. Shipped on this order are cases of: Hops Infusion, Merry Monks, Old Heathen, Double Simcoe IPA, Blithering Idiot, Muse, and Blanche. Draft shipped: Hops Infusion, Merry Monks, Double Simcoe, & Blithering Idiot. Distribution is expected to begin Monday June 2nd.

15 May 2008

Weyerbacher Special Event & New Beers June 13th

Weyerbacher Press Release:

June 13th from 5 to 8 p.m. only, stop in at the brewery for a first of its kind event at Weyerbacher. The debut of several new beers will occur this night, with all brewers present and free samples of each new brew. Samples at this event will only be given on these new highlighted beers and nothing else. For samplings on our other brews, stop by any Saturday between Noon & 3 p.m..

This special event will also feature these beers for purchase (no surprise) and a sellout could occur as numbers are extremely limited. You’ll be able to purchase our regular beers as well, but we’re keeping the sampling to these special beers only, one sample of each per person maximum allowed. And the beers are:

Thirteen: This years anniversary ale, a hyper, Belgian inspired Imperial Stout clocking in at 13.6% abv, but incredibly balanced, smooth, and tasty. Thirteen will ship out July 1, but you can taste and purchase it at this special event.

Riserva: Over a year in the making, this American Wild Ale is fermented with Brettanomyces yeast and aged with red-raspberry puree in Oak barrels for over 1 year, then bottle conditioned in champagne bottles. This beer is incredible and will be a bit pricey to purchase at $145 per case of 12, only at the brewery. We’ll only have 50 cases of this one to sell in house, and another 50 to ship out to a few select wholesalers. That’s it until next year.

Alpha: First in our new series of Brewer’s Choice one-offs, Alpha is a bottle conditioned Belgian Pale Ale at 6.2%. Most of this batch was kegged for Philadelphia & Pittsburgh wholesalers, we’ll have only 20 cases to sell at this event.
Cork ‘n’ Cage Merry Monks: 750ml Champagne bottle. Technically not a debut as shipments to wholesalers began this week, but we’ll have 50 cases available for sale at this event. Same recipe as the 12 oz., but bottle conditioned to higher carbonation levels in this heavier bottle. Exquisite!.

We hope you can join us on the 13th, any remaining beer from the event will be sold on Saturday the 14th at normal Visitor Center hours. Cheers!

07 May 2008

Weyerbacher extends distribution to the south...

Weyerbacher is currently working on the paperwork necessary to distribute in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. This appears to be a slow process, especially in Florida, but they are expecting to be shipping to Georgia & South Carolina in June.

30 April 2008

Weyerbacher Goes Green

Press Release from Weyerbacher:

We've been working on putting this together over the last month or two and have finally formalized our efforts. We've created a green team within the brewery to seek out and enact a constantly more environmentally friendly, energy conserving, and sustainable business here at Weyerbacher. We've decided our first major project will be solar hot water heating for at least 50% of our brewing needs by the end of the summer. As we progress we'll post pix and more info on this site. We'll also be examining ways to create less waste in all areas such as trash, recycling, energy use in general, and most importantly, wasted beer! These efforts will be ongoing and we'll be reporting the results right here. We also expect by years end to power some of our lighting in the brewery with solar energy panels. The time has come for all businesses to step up and adopt sustainable business practices and Weyerbacher is now on that path.

13 April 2008

Weyerbacher Distributors in PA

LT Verastro (570 454-0816) Luzerne. Lazkawanna, Monroe, Wyoming, Wayne, Pike, Susquehanna, Carbon, Schuylkill, Columbia, Northumberland, Snyder, Montour, Union, Bradford, Sullivan, Lycoming, Tioga, Potter, Cameron & Clinton Counties.


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